You Won’t Believe What a Dunkin Donuts Employee Wrote on this Cop’s Coffee Cup

By Faye Higbee

Rhode Island – A Providence police officer walked into a local Dunkin Donuts shop and ordered a cup of coffee. It was a local business, one that was frequented by officers on a regular basis. But one employee decided to write #BlackLivesMatter on the officer’s cup. The act infuriated the police union.

dunkin donuts

A stupid move

The incident occurred Friday Oct 2, at a Dunkin Donuts at Atwells Avenue and Bradford in Providence. The FOP Vice President, Mike Iamondi, told local news media that the officers were concerned that something dangerous could have been put in the cup.

“We have to look at the possibility if “Black Lives Matter” is on the cup, is there anything else going into the cup? That is a possibility, given what’s going on around the country. If a guy goes in for a cup of coffee at a place we know, where we’re patrons at, and they’ve always been great with us, do we have to worry?…

This is unacceptable — all lives matter. We took great offense. Has it gotten to the point everywhere we go, do we have to wonder if someone is going to try and slip us something and without us knowing?  Where does it end?…

It was the Dunkin’ Donuts at Atwells and Bradford.  This is not a reflection on the owner, this is a single act by a single employee, and it’s unacceptable.  I don’t know what Dunkin’ Donuts is going to do, they’re representing the company. I’ll tell you right now,  this is not a game, we’re tired of being the whipping boys.  The few random acts of police overstepping their bounds nationally, there are more incidents of police officers handling themselves in professional manner, every day.” FOP Vice President Mike Iamondi to Local Prov

Stupidity like this will get someone fired- at least we hope so. Different places in the country have seen restaurant employees occasionally tamper with food or even spit on it for police officers. Which makes them a little concerned about eating out, especially in uniform.

With the current anti-cop climate in the U.S., anything could happen if an employee does something stupid. Would you drink that coffee? I wouldn’t.