Yale Professor Claims Trump Will Cause the Extinction of the Entire Human Race

By Faye Higbee

A Yale professor, Bandy Lee, claims that Trump is so mentally unfit to be President that he will likely cause the extinction of the entire human race soon if something isn’t done. This wild and wacky claim comes after Michael Wolff’s latest book fabrication called “Fire and Fury.” Oh, and for information, every President in office since the invention of the nuclear bomb could destroy the human race. Just sayin’.

Now she’s never clinically examined him. She’s never even met him. But she has made it her mantra to claim that Trump has mental health issues and even “briefed Congress.” She’s written letters. She’s told every left wing news media she can get her hands on. Why? She wants him gone. And calling him crazy is all she can think of…her and her left wing collection of idiots.

If Trump were crazy, he wouldn’t have been able to build a billion dollar empire. He wouldn’t have been able to win a Presidential election against a conniving crooked politician. He wouldn’t have been able to stand against the constant vitriol thrown against him. He made North Korea blink. He’s been able to make a hash of the leftist news media. But keep this in mind, as Democrats may try to get him impeached as part of their platform in the 2018 midterm elections, according to Fox News.

Numerous people who have been around Michael Wolff and actually been on the White House team say his book is riddled with inaccuracies and outright lies. Defense Secretary Mattis says he doesn’t plan to read it. Even Steve Bannon, whom he quotes as saying some pretty rotten things about Donald Trump Jr, has expressed regret and tried to mend the fence. But that fence has a giant-sized hole that will not be mended at this point.

So here’s  a REAL crazy person, Bandy Lee. Take note of the actions: