WWII Veteran’s Flags Burned, The Community Responds

By Faye Higbee

Las Vegas, Nevada – William Barclay, 92, is a WWII Veteran who served in the US Navy. When he went outside on Feb 15 to let his dog go to the bathroom, he saw that his American and Navy flags had been burned, as well as two American flags that were on his car. It broke his heart. Flags mean a lot to him.

William, a Signalman during the war, served aboard the USS Stockdale. The rank of Signalman was responsible for transmitting, receiving, encoding, decoding, and distributing messages obtained via the visual transmission systems of flags – even Morse code. The rank was one of the oldest ones in the United States Navy (the USN deactivated that rank in 2003). It’s no wonder flags mean so much to Mr. Barclay. His entire time in the war was spent with flags.

“What I’m mad about is all I went through with this American flag on my ship and then I come home and put it up and somebody does this to me.” William Barclay told KTNV

KTNV’s news story received national attention and suddenly people came out of the woodwork to help. A GoFundMe account set up by his son to replace everything and fix his car had a goal of $500 and it sits at $3,758 already.

As police investigate the incident, the Las Vegas Community stepped in to help him. The US Navy brought new flags. Someone even brought him a real 48 star flag from the War. A security company volunteered to help with security cameras. People even offered to fix his car that was burned.

It is hoped that police will be able to arrest whoever did this. According to KTNV, a group of people set several fires early on Wednesday morning in that area.

There are many things in America right now that have us concerned- the disrespect of Veterans, the angst and hatred of liberals toward the duly-elected government, but it’s wonderful to see a community come together as they have for Mr. Barclay. There are still good people in America, people who care about others and are willing to help. It’s good to remember that at this point in time.