Women’s Town Hall: Did Sleepy Joe Take a Nap During Hillary Clinton Endorsement?

By Faye Higbee

The Biden Women’s town hall didn’t inspire particular enthusiasm It did inspire plenty of humor, though. It began when Hillary Clinton endorsed the presumptive nominee for President. Watchers of the town hall noted that he appeared to nod off during her schpiel.

Biden Bedtime story

During the Biden Campaign event “Women’s Townhall on COVID-19,” Sleepy Joe appeared to actually nod off as Hillary babbled on about her endorsement.

The Washington Times reported.

“The livestreamed event was designed to highlight Mrs. Clinton’s endorsement of Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. During the event, Mr. Biden frequently cast his gaze down as if consulting notes. But at one point, Mr. Biden closed his eyes, put his head down, and remained motionless for some 15 seconds or more, video of the event shows. Eventually, the 77-year-old candidate appeared to be startled awake, and he jerked his head up, eyes blinking.”

“Joe Biden has fallen asleep listening to Hillary Clinton at his own town hall.” Caleb Hull

“OMG! Looks like Biden fell asleep during Crooked’s rant endorsement. He’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.” Donald Trump Jr

“Sleepy Uncle Joe appears to doze off as Hillary speaks during virtual Town Hall.” Sean Hannity

“Can you think of a better time for a nap?” Ted Cruz

It’s obviously not the first time a politican has fallen asleep during a babbling rant by boring speakers. Bernie Sanders nodded off during the impeachment hearings.

Twitter photo

Biden nodded off during one of Obama’s speeches as well. But the Women’s Townhall was somewhat less than exciting. His nap was probably the highlight of the entire event, unless you were looking for Biden to touch his face. (Weren’t you not supposed to do that during the pandemic? Just asking.)

One Twitter user pointed out: “Tfw the cameras have started rolling but your machinery is still warming up.”  

Another noted: “SNL writers are feverishly working on a script and calling the thrift stores for a Hillary costume. ‘Yes, I’m looking for a frock in sea foam green.'”

In actuality, Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden is par for the course. She enabled her husband Bill with his “bimbos” and was highly nasty to them. And since Joe himself has been accused of rape and sexual assault, she was in keeping with the pattern.  Maybe Joe was just keeping his mouth shut to not say anything that could get him dead by suicide.

Featured photo: screenshot from Women’s town hall


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