Woman Involved in Standoff with Police at Tulsa Air Base

By Faye Higbee

Woman Involved in Standoff with Police at Tulsa Air Base

A woman was seen driving in circles at Tulsa Air National Guard Base. As she drove she waved a white flag or cloth outside her truck. When police attempted to get her to get out of the truck, she refused, saying that if she left it a bomb would cause it to explode.

Two hour “stand-off”

The incident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. Monday morning at the 138th Fighter Wing.

Heather Thomas, 29, was driving a dark green Chevy pickup at the time. She told officers that if she put the truck in park and got out, it would explode.

The base went into lockdown. She was taken into custody two hours later.

tulsa air base

Screenshot of the scene at Tulsa Air National Guard Base

CBS News reported

Police were reportedly pointing weapons at the truck and were using ballistic shields for protection. At one point, the truck backed up towards a line of police cars and then stopped. Its left rear tire was apparently flat.

Sgt. Shane Tuell told the Tulsa World that the woman has not gotten onto the base, but she said she has some type of a device in the vehicle. Tuell said at one point the woman was driving in circles before stopping on the driveway to the base, which is home to the 138th Fighter Wing.

The base is at the north end of Tulsa International Airport.

Screenshot of the pickup

Suspect in custody

Tulsa police blocked off the roads around the area, as they deployed a bomb robot to check the pickup for any explosive device. They admitted to flattening her tire in an effort to keep her from going very far. They found nothing.

After two hours, Thomas was taken into custody. She was transported for a mental health evaluation.

She had a German Shepherd dog inside the pickup, which was placed in the custody of two civilians