Woman Assaulted 5 Times by Muslims- Don’t Try it Now, She’s Ready!

By Faye Higbee

Woman Assaulted 5 Times by Muslims- Don’t Try it Now, She’s Ready!

After  a 17 year old was sexually molested 5 separate times by Muslim migrants in Cologne, Germany, she decided to do something about self defense. The police refused to do anything to help her and her friends, so she took boxing lessons.

 woman assaulted

More women are taking up boxing – Photo credit: David Young via Daily Mail

Kicking a Muslim Migrant’s butt

Another migrant tried to molest her while she was at the Cologne Central Station just a few weeks ago. But this time she was prepared and took action.

“I was by the cathedral in the evening a few weeks ago and this [Arabic-speaking] guy grabbed me and put his arm around me and tried to pull me towards him. 

But I remembered what I had learnt at the self defense course and I punched him hard in the ribs. He tried to hit me back so I put my hand behind his neck and slammed his face into my knee. It felt so good to fight back. Now I can protect myself.” Dilara Zajarskaite

German police refused to help

Dilara was interviewed by the Daily Mail (she waived her right to be anonymous). But she and many of her friends have had enough of German police inaction.

When she and a friend were nearly abducted by Muslims – passers-by and police completely ignored them as they walked by.

“I told a policeman what had happened to us that night but he said it was not worth making a complaint because I could not name any of the attackers. It is a scandal the police have not captured any of the men who did this…”

“What hurt me most was the fact that people, even policemen, walked by and did not help, even though they could see we were in trouble.”

Self defense the only option

Police did “capture” one of the many men involved in the Cologne attacks on New Years Eve, but let him go. “Farouk B” was not positively identified by one of the women he was accused of assaulting, so he was released.

Self-defense classes for women are “springing up” all over Germany.  Police are told not to talk about the migrant sexual assault problem.  Prosecutors dismiss charges even when they are made. So self-defense is a woman’s only option.

Boxing will obviously help, but a gun would be better.