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Faye Higbee
woke west point

Judicial Watch had to file a lawsuit against West Point Military Academy and the Department of Defense because they failed to respond to an FOIA request regarding the teaching of CRT- Critical Race Theory – to cadets. What they received proves that woke West Point is using the propaganda of “social justice” teachings instead of military strategy, history, and information designed to teach cadets how to protect the nation.

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Judicial Watch received 518 pages and 135 pages of information regarding the teaching of divisive CRT. The Judicial Watch heard that the academy was teaching CRT- Critical race Theory – which is another term for Marxist ideals that divide instead of unify. The documents are the antithesis of military preparedness. Even a Congressman demanded information on the practice at Woke West Point in 2021. But the teachings are continuing in spite of the backlash. And they are not confined to CRT- they also include “Feminist theory,” and “Queer theory.”

CRT is divisive and rooted in Marxism. It pits Black against White and makes sure there is no cohesive, unifying code of honor for either. Whether it’s racial division or ideological division, it’s still division. CRT, which is hate-ridden propaganda, is not a good basis from which to teach anyone, whether US Military or children.

If you were paying attention, there have been clues that this was coming.

In 2017, an openly Communist cadet wore Communist symbols under his uniform at graduation. He was ultimately dropped from Ranger school for insubordination (color me shocked). He openly spouted hatred for the United States and for then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Now we understand how he graduated in the first place…it was not an aberration.

The instructor of Western Civilization and Middle Eastern history who mentored Communist Cadet Spencer Rapone,  Dr. Rasheed Hosein, was placed on administrative leave for a supposedly unrelated matter in 2017. He taught (aka indoctrinated) at the academy since 2011. It is unclear if he is still an instructor there. The Communists said that “we” are everywhere and you “can’t stop us.”

Also in 2017, a group of Black female cadets had a photo taken of them with their fists raised in defiance. Nothing happened to them for the incident.

Cheating scandals, texting while in formation, these things have been part and parcel for woke West Point now for several years.

Biden promised during the campaign that he wanted to “de-emphasize” the US Military as a position of power in favor of diplomacy. He’s done it, even as China and Russia have ramped up their militaries. As Americans, we absolutely MUST pay attention to the weasels of the left who seek to destroy our nation. Woke West Point is only one spot along the track toward a total train wreck.


Featured screenshot via West Point

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