Wisconsin Plane Crash Kills two Military Pilots

On Tuesday last week, a Wisconsin Plane crash killed two “celebrated” military pilots: Staff Sgt Remington K. Viney, 26, and Tanner W. Byholm, 25. The crash occurred shortly before 9:20 a.m. about a mile south of the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport.

On the day of the crash, Viney and Byholm took off from the Appleton International Airport and flew to the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport, where they stopped to refuel, National Transportation Safety Board spokesperson Peter Knudson said Thursday. The plane then took off and was headed to Florida.

However, shortly after takeoff, the pilot reported engine problems and said they were going to go back to the airport, Knudson said. The crash happened shortly after that.

The plane crash-landed in a swampy area near a park and the Rock River, Rock County Sheriff Troy Knudson said. The plane was found upside down, with the victims submerged in a swampy, hard-to-reach area for first responders. Its wings had been torn off when it hit trees during the crash.

The Post Crescent

The plane was an “experimental” and “unique” aircraft. The Post Cresecnt described it as a Velocity V-Twin plane. The occupants had a brief conversation with the tower over something wrong with the plane before the crash. According to Madison.com, the tower personnel saw the plane go down. First responders reached the plane about 10 a.m.

L- Tanner Byholm, R- SSG Remington Viney

SSG Viney was a 7 year member of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, a “valued member” of the 115th Fighter wing having enlisted in 2013. She deployed overseas several times. She earned the Air Force Achievement Medal, the Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and several others, according to Stripes. She earned her private pilot’s license and was a flight instructor. She was also a founding member of the Four Lakes chapter of Women in Aviation.

Tanner Byholm was a pilot in the Air Force Reserve. He served six years in the Marine Corps Reserve, before joining the Air Force Reserve. His “dream” plane was the A-10, and was selected as an A-10 pilot. He loved flying and took people up with him in his private plane as often as possible. He also was a flight instructor.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.


Featured photo: Screenshot via a photo of the crashed plane submitted to the GazetteXtra

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