WI State Lawmaker Attacked for Taking Picture of Protesters

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A WI state lawmaker (Democrat) was attacked and beaten as he took a picture of protesters at the State Capital on Tuesday. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) was beaten by protesters as he took a photo of them. He collapsed on his way to his car and an ambulance was called by a reporter from the Journal Sentinel. (Fox)

Carpenter was reportedly walking to his office at the Capital to do some work, as has been his habit recently. Walking around at night was not a smart thing to do, especially in this violent atmosphere.

WI state lawmaker Senator Tim Carpenter has been accused of “pandering” to the mob after taking a knee in support of Black Lives Matter previously. He is gay, a strong liberal, and suddenly learned the hard way that the mob doesn’t care about liberals, they care about destruction. The attack came in the midst of two statues being toppled,  one of which was Col. Christian Heg, who fought and died as a Union Soldier. It has nothing whatever to do with “racists” it has to do with the agenda of destruction. They want to tear down the country, not fix it.

Madison police wrote of an attempt to enter the Wisconsin Capital building that night, as well as broken windows, and a Molotov cocktail thrown into the City-County building.

On Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, a group of 200-300 people along with a number of vehicles moved through the downtown Madison area.  The group initially marched, blocked intersections, and obstructed driveways.  As the group’s behavior escalated, they entered a private condominium building and surrounded a towing vehicle (requiring the driver to abandon the vehicle).

The group later moved to the Capital Square and removed two statutes from the Capital grounds (Lady Forward and Hans Christian Heg), and broke windows in a number of buildings.  Windows at the City County Building were broken, and a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the building.  The group went on to also attempt to force entry to the State Capital building.  OC spray was deployed from within the State Capital building to repel individuals who were attempting to force entry.

Democrats blamed Republicans for the violence, as usual. The agenda behind it should be obvious to everyone…except  Democrats and a WI State lawmaker who was on the receiving end of their wrath.

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