Why is the US Now Negotiating for Venezuelan Oil When We Have Our Own?

Faye Higbee
venezuelan oil

The Biden Administration has sent a team of negotiators to Caracas in an attempt to restart imports of Venezuelan oil to the US. The penchant Biden has for getting crucial oil from our enemies is staggeringly ignorant. We were energy independent for 4 years. Now we are dependent on dictators for the oil to run our society. He’s obviously afraid of the leftists aka “greenies” in his administration.

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“Here lies the oil of Venezuela, which is available for whomever wants to produce and buy it, be it an investor from Asia, Europe or the United States.”

Nicolas Maduro in the NY Times

Venezuela is an ally, or “strategic partner” of Russia. The US believes it has begun to distance itself from Putin as the Russian economy begins to show serious repercussions from the sanctions. Last week, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua all abstained from voting to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine at the UN. The Biden administration believes it’s a signal that the three dictatorships are moving away from Putin. Are they?

For the last several days and weeks, even before the invasion of Ukraine, Putin spent days on the phones with Venezuela dictator Nicolas Maduro and other autocratic leaders around the world. What he told them is unknown, because the link to their conversations has been blocked by internet companies.

One Venezuelan, a photographer for the Maduro regime, stated this:

The world must know that this is not Venezuela’s position. Most Venezuelans support Ukraine and democracy around the world.

Venezuela stands with Ukraine.

José R. Camacho Keller

Venezuelans may support Democracy, but Maduro does not. He supports his own agenda. Relying on foreign sources for oil is foolish. The United States imports Russian oil, may be about to import Iranian oil, and now wants to add Venezuelan oil. They believe adding Venezuelan oil will allow them to divest from Russian oil. The Biden administration is incredibly short-sighted.

When issues like Ukraine occur, our own needs suffer (like high priced gas, for example). When the pandemic from China struck us, our entire supply chains went to h***. We are reliant on China for medicines, and so many other goods that Trump began demanding that US companies divest themselves of the dependence. Some did, some didn’t. Chinese goods are cheap. The point is reliance on foreign oil is a giant mistake. Even electric vehicles cannot meet the needs of American society.

Importing Venezuelan oil is not a smart move. Neither is importing Iranian oil. The smart move is to stop them all and re-up our own production. But the Biden administration is not smart.


Featured screenshot: Nicolas Maduro, Dictator of Venezuela.

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