White Rose Coffeehouse Former Manager – Cops Shouldn’t be “Humanized.”

By Faye Higbee

UPDATE: The White Rose Coffeehouse has gone out of business after the owner shut it down because of the “harassment” that followed her daughter’s Social Media posts.

Original story:

A story in Blue Lives Matter reports, the White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, Massachusetts was a family operation, with daughter “Sophie CK” as manager. That is, until she malfunctioned and posted inflammatory statements on Facebook that drew attention to her anarchist, anti-cop views.

“Coffee with a cop” events are commonly held around the country. They are events where police officers can engage with community members to talk about the things of concern. But not in the White Rose Coffeehouse.  No siree.

Sure, Police officers would find a place to “feel at home” there. Not.

Sophie’s mother reportedly fired her, well sort of.  She called her daughter  a ‘young person who acted out of emotion.’ Those posts are not about ’emotion,’ they are anarchist. Sophie openly stated, “I don’t care much for order or the law.” And she called all police officers “bullies”… a blanket statement that spits in the face of 90% of police officers who risk their lives every day to help people just like her.

Her mother posted these words after the backlash hit the White Rose Coffeehouse:

“My daughter is no longer in my employ. While I love her deeply, she made an appalling statement on her social media page with which I very much disagree.

I truly believe spending time with an officer and ‘humanizing’ him or her is the most important step for her and for others who engage in this type of rhetoric.”

Sophie eventually posted an apology to her mother, but only to her mother and nothing to the officers she insulted. They weren’t the emotional rantings of a young person, they were her actual beliefs.

Sophie claimed she had only ever seen 3 officers in the White Rose Coffeehouse. Perhaps that is due to the signs on the door that reveal an openly left wing establishment:

Screenshot via Turtle Boys

Or maybe because they renamed the “pilgrim” sandwich:

Screenshot via Turtle Boys

And they celebrated “Indigenous Peoples Day” rather than Columbus Day.

Screenshot via Turtle Boys

Would a police officer of any ethnicity feel “at home” or welcome in an openly leftist atmosphere? Probably not. They’d have to be desperate for a cup of coffee to go there. “Sophie CK” has deeply damaged her mother’s business, and all the apologies in the world may not help it recover.  When will the snowflakes of the world realize that average people don’t want their food- or coffee- served with a side of leftist politics?