White Nationalists at VA Gun Rally? Nope. Media Lies Again

By Faye Higbee

After hundreds of warnings that all hell was going to break loose at the Virginia Gun Rally on Monday because of white nationalists, it was totally the opposite. There were no arrests, no confrontations with police, no violence. Many of the 2a supporters were armed, yet stayed in the designated places. Not a shot was fired. No neo-nazis ran rampant through the crowd. The 2a supporters even picked up their own trash after the rally.

“The media claimed thousands of white nationalists would be here. In reality, one Nazi Holocaust denier showed up and was quickly shut down by the #VirginiaRally attendees. There was no violence all day. Just peaceful protest.” Caleb Hull

One media, MSNBC, tried to spread fake news about what the crowd was chanting… He said they were chanting “We will not comply” when they were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  The reporter was forced to back up and revamp his comment by stating that he took two videos minutes apart.

The media was desperate to push the narrative that the gun owners were all “white nationalists” or “neo-nazis”  and expected a bloodbath. They left disappointed. So did Virginia’s black-face Governor, by the way, he left before the rally.

Anti-gunners were disappointed. The media was disappointed. Democrats were disappointed. But it was a great day for gun rights supporters as the narrative always pushed by leftists fell to the ground. Because we own guns does not mean we are “white supremacists.” But the media constantly pushes that fake news.

Every race was at the Virginia Gun Rally in support of the 2nd amendment.

“I’ve been watching live stream for an hour, i’ve seen zero white supremacists and many black folks, women and kids.” @Yukon_Strong Twitter

Twitter photo

In truth, white nationalists (aka white supremacists) are generally more of a minority than any Black, Asian, Hispanic or other minority group. They haven’t surged because of President Trump. They’re still a small percentage of losers in our country. But of course, the left wing media wants you to think otherwise and blame the President. And they aren’t above lying, and manipulating the truth to accomplish their plan.

The Virginia Gun Rally went off without a hitch. People truly concerned about their Constitutional rights came and made a point. Will anyone listen? Probably not.

“The media told me this would be a white supremacist rally that would turn into a brawl. What happened? Did they lie?” Caleb Hull

Featured photo: Gabe Gutierrez screenshot, MSNBC Twitter


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