White House Launch of New Online Tool to Fight Social Media Censorship

By Faye Higbee

The White House launch of a new “tool” Wednesday for reporting the bias of Big Tech opens a whole new avenue for all of us. Censorship is wrong. Social Media companies have talked openly about what they have done to deplatform many Conservatives. Those of us at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children know well what they have done – including destroy our company, shadow banned us, outright taken our pages down, banned our CEO and others, and quashed our reach by manipulating the algorithms.

“The White House wants to hear from all Americans – regardless of their political leanings – if they have been impacted by bias on social media platforms.” Deputy Press Secretary Judy Deere

On May 3, after Facebook and Twitter announced bans on “conspiracy theorists” and others with whom they disagreed, the President took notice.

The White House launch of the link gives all of us an open door to report the issue. It asks questions about which platform censored the person or company. They want to hear our stories.

Auguste Meyrat at The Federalist wrote,

Considering Silicon Valley’s obvious hatred for conservatism—witnessed in their strictly enforced politically correct corporate cultureand funding of liberal causes and politicians—it is truly remarkable and ironic that conservative media has flourished on the web. Twitter, Facebook, and Google became trillion-dollar companies by offering consumers a choice, but they must witness their customers making the wrong choice.

Thus, these companies have gone to work correcting these bad choices through manipulating their algorithms to marginalize conservative content, demonetizing popular conservative websites, artificially boosting liberal content, and deplatforming conservative figures. Normally, taking such actions would hurt their standing with competing platforms, but because they enjoy a monopoly, they can act with relative impunity.

Auguste Meyrat

Facebook, Google, and Twitter keep their politically-correct viewpoints and call anything else “extremist.” They call us all ‘dangerous.’ The only danger about us is that we disagree and say so.

“Recently, Facebook banned six controversial individuals as “dangerous voices” on its platform. On May 15, Facebook also announced that simply sharing a link from a “known terrorist group” would result in a ban from broadcasting live videos from the platform.”

They have threatened deplatform anyone who shares the views of Infowars, for example. Jones may be weird, but he’s no “terrorist.” Neither are we. While we may get a meme wrong once in a while, we are no more extremist or terrorist than any other conservatives. Facebook continually flags our articles as not having a FB page and only appearing 5 years ago on the net. All of which is a blatant lie.

Call to Action

Those of you who have followed us for many years, please tell the White House about what has happened to Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. We have been continually censored because of our reach among loyal members like you. Tell them about it.

The excuses from Facebook have been ridiculous. They said we were “unauthorized” or “bad actors.” They accused us of sharing our posts for a nefarious purpose, borderline accusing us of “election interference.” They took our 2.1 Million follower page down just prior to the midterm elections along with 800 other conservative pages. It devastated our ability to pay our bills. They removed our articles from followers’ newsfeeds. They constantly banned us from posting.

We refused to give in. Others ran from the platform. We stayed. We keep fighting back. We will take this hill in the name of freedom. Will you join with us? Use this link to tell the White House about us!