White House Fakes: VP Harris Used Child Actors in Video About Space

white house fakes

VP Harris used child actors in her latest boondoggle to try to appear as if she could ‘relate’ to children. The video, widely mocked at the time because of Harris’ overly ridiculous actions, was titled “Get Curious” about NASA. Now it has been revealed that she hired child actors who actually auditioned for the parts. The White House fakes…is anything real about this administration? She could have obtained children who were actually passionate about the Space program.

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White House Fakes

I love the idea of exploring the unknown. There’s so much out there that we still have to learn. As the chair of the National Space Council, I’m eager to get our young people interested in STEM and space exploration.

Kamala Harris

Sure she does. The woman who has little clue about anything loves the idea of Space exploration. Right. The idea for the video was good – helping children become excited about the Space program and other science things is great. But having cackling Kamala Harris in it was doomed from the beginning.

She can’t deal with the border, which was her “assignment” from the ‘Big Guy’, and even failed to attend an important meeting over the issue, going to a New Jersey daycare instead. She went to El Paso once, which is several hundred miles from the epicenter of the migrant crisis, and the city has a border wall. She apparently isn’t “over the moon” about the immigration problems.

She has been criticized for a lack of in-depth knowledge about space exploration, even though she was made chair of the National Space Council. Kermit the Frog would have been a better choice… he’s more trustworthy.

The video was produced by Canadian firm “Sinking Ship Entertainment” (appropriate), and was filmed in August as the Taliban were rampaging through Afghanistan. The children had to audition for their parts and submit a monologue on something they were passionate about. They were much more understated than the VP in their performances.

So at this point, we have to ask…is anything real? It appears that the White House fakes are running the show. After it was revealed that Biden used fake set to get his Covid booster, as well as meetings with foreign leaders, the lies are piling up. And VP Harris ran off to Palm Springs recently on a “Secret” trip. Would have been nice if she was abducted by aliens while she was gone. But…no such luck.


Featured screenshot from video

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