What’s been Happening at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey?

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On July 28, a large crowd of protesters moved toward Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, demanding that the United States leave. The anti-American sentiments are being inflamed by President Erdogan, who demands that the United States extradite his nemesis, Fethullah Gulen.

Anti-American protests

Police blocked all roads to the airbase, as the protesters moved toward the facility. Five hours later, police demanded the protesters disband, and the demonstration broke apart.

“The protests were broken up after they began nearly five hours earlier with police first blocking the roadways heading to the Incirlik airbase and then subsequently demanding that demonstrators disband.” T24 News

A paper favorable to  Erdogan printed a photo of U.S. Army General Campbell beside the claim he was a “leading force” behind the attempted coup. A fire at the airbase over last weekend was said to be set by anti-American protesters.


Twitter photo of Anti-American protests at Incirlik air base via @AmichaiStein1

The Nukes at Incirlik Air Base

Incirlik airbase is home to many of our tactical nuclear weapons. With thousands of protesters shouting “death to America,” it places a potential for disaster squarely in our path.

The U.S. has refused to extradite Fethullah Gulen because of evidentiary requirements that thus far Ankara has failed to meet. As long as that persists, Erdogan and the anti-American sentiment is certain to rise. According to news reports, only 17% of Turkish people want the US to remain in the country.

Stay or go?

Anti-American feelings are growing. The US Government evacuated families form the Incirlik facility prior to the attempted coup, so they knew something was up. Should we stay or go?

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