What Did Sheila Jackson Lee Pass to Ford’s Attorney?

By Faye Higbee

Social Media is all “a-twitter” with a video taken during the Ford hearings Thursday that showed Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) slipping a white envelope to one of Ford’s attorneys- who happens to also be Andrew McCabe’s attorney. And she held at least one other envelope in her hand when she did it.

The video was taken during the break. Lee managed to get her seat near Dr Ford so she would have immediate access to the attorney.

Attorney Michael Bromwich, who was brought on board to assist Debra Katz with this case, was handed a white envelope on the downlow by Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). She still had at least one more envelope in her hand when she gave it to him. He immediately put it in his breast pocket.

Bromwich is supposedly doing this case “pro bono.” And who else got one of those mysterious envelopes?

Speculation was rampant from Soros payoff money to payment for the polygraph…or just plain bribes.

Here are some examples of other responses:

“Sheila Jackson Lee handed Dr Ford male lawyer large white envelope,how much money is in there Sheila?”

“Did you see Sheila Jackson Lee hand an envelope to Ford’s lawyer with names of women to testify against whoever the next nominee will be to replace Ruth Bader Ginsbur[g]…”

“If anyone sees Sheila Jackson Lee or Dr Ford’s lawyers, please ask what the envelopes contain? Is this payment for the polygraph? She appears to be wanting the exchange hidden & there is another envelope in her hand.”

“Did you see the payoff by Sheila Jackson Lee to the attorneys by any chance Ann ?? .. a thick envelope right into the top right pocket of the attorney !!!.. WANNA LAUNCH AN FBI INVESTIGATION INTO DEMONRAT PAYOFFS !!!!”

You can rest assured the Democrats will come up with some lame excuse for passing those envelopes. But we can also guarantee they didn’t contain a valentine.