Westboro Plans Protest at Fallen Soldier’s Funeral

By Faye Higbee


Tennessee – Sgt William Bays was one of the 101st Airborne officers killed in a “green on blue” attack in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan on June 10. On June 21, his body arrived at Clarksville Regional Airport. A military transfer unit met the plane and after escorting the grieving family onto the tarmac- allowing them a few minutes to weep for their loss- they quietly loaded his flag-draped casket into the hearse. It was a heart-wrenching moment for all family members.

Screenshots via the Leaf Chronicle


But compassion  is not part of the equation for left-wing groups, or the Westboro Baptist Church. They plan to picket William Bays’ funeral on June 23, 2017.

Though the Westboro group calls themselves “Baptists” they are not affiliated with any denomination. They are literally a cult that follows the hate of their founder, Fred Phelps. He died in March, 2014. Their website is “godhatesfags.”

Their hate message is in total contradiction to the message of the Bible, but that has never stopped them. They are all deceived and blinded by their hatred (which has expanded to not just LGBT, but anyone not affiliated with them).

This cult does these heinous things that demonstrate a complete lack of compassion for the grieving families of the fallen. Their actions are despicable, unscriptural, and wrong. It is hoped that Sgt William Bays can be laid to rest in peace, with strong security in place tomorrow.

Hatred in any form has a blinding effect. There is no difference between the hatred of the Westboro cult and the Communist Left-wingers we see hating on Donald Trump. Their disgusting practices and message can make even the nicest among us enraged… which simply feeds their desires and ends up blinding us as well. Hate breeds hate, and the further it goes in our nation, the more divided we will be.


Rena Kornreich Gelissen, a Holocaust survivor, once said, “I do not hate. To hate is to let Hitler win.”

Robert Clary, another Holocaust survivor once said, “I teach kids, ‘Do not hate.’ Hate is a waste of time. Do something constructive instead. I will not forget what I went through, but I do not hate.”