West Point Professor on Administrative Leave – Did he influence Communist thoughts?

Faye Higbee
west point professor

West Point Professor Dr. Rasheed Hosein has been placed on Administrative leave from the USMA. Though he was a mentor of 2nd Lt Spenser Rapone, the Communist/Socialist of recent internet fame, the school claims his leave has nothing to do with the Commie controversy.

A spokesman for the Academy told Breitbart: “We are unable to provide information regarding administrative actions but can confirm that the details are unrelated to 2nd Lieutenant Rapone.”

Sure. We believe that.

Dr. Hosein, according to the USMA website, was one of Rapone’s advisors.

They state in his official biography,

​Dr. Rasheed Hosein has been teaching Western Civilization and Middle Eastern history at the United States Military Academy since July of 2011. Prior to his time at West Point, Dr. Hosein earned his doctoral degree in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago in pre-Islamic and early Islamic history in December of 2010…  

A typical academic? Or an extremist in robes? Personally I vote for the extremist in robes view.

Rapone is under investigation, and now there are several others who have cropped up in the same vein, according to American Military News.  AMN reported on the twitter account of PolNews Infinity, which had some revelations about possible radicalism in the Army. There are peripheral connections to Rapone who claim that there are many of the same mindset within the US Army, and that “no one will believe it until it’s too late.”

Rapone is assigned to the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, N.Y. He was deployed and received his CIB.

Political correctness, in whatever form, will kill us, and this is a prime example.

Let’s be absolutely clear here: anyone that espouses Communism/Socialism who has infiltrated the United States Military is a danger to every service member. ANY ideology that desires to overthrow the government is treason, plain pure and simple. If this professor has been feeding that ideology with his “mentoring,” then he has been fomenting insurrection within the ranks of the USMA. He is friends with Rapone and they have traveled together.

The avowed purpose of Communism is to bring the world under their ideology. Marxism, Anarchist Communism (ANTIFA), all desire the obliteration of Capitalism and the creation of a “classless” society. None of those things has EVER worked in reality.  There are millions around the world in extreme poverty because of it.