West Palm Beach: 9 Year Old Girl Saves Mom From Robber

Faye Higbee

A 9 year old girl saved her Mom from a robber on Nov 2, by punching him in the face as hard as she could multiple times. The suspect, identified as Demetrius Jackson, 29, fled the scene and was captured two days later. The incident occurred in West Palm Beach, Florida. Police awarded her bravery with a medal, a certificate, and a $100 gift card to Target.

Danielle Mobley and her 9 year old daughter Journee Nelson, were running errands at the Tabor Tropical Supermarket in West Palm Beach, when a man shoved Danielle down and attempted to pull the purse out of her hand. Journee jumped out of the car and pummeled the would-be robber in the face until he fled. Journee’s Mom told news media that she also chased after the suspect with her Mom right behind her calling her back.

The suspect, identified as Demetrius Jackson, is described as a violent “career” criminal with a previous record. He was charged with robbery and battery for this incident. The video of the incident can be found here.

A nine-year-old girl who fought off a robber by punching him in the face after he attacked her mother and tried to steal her purse is being honored for her bravery by Florida police who say they’re proud of her crime-fighting actions.

Journee Nelson and her mom, Danielle Mobley, were running errands in West Palm Beach on November 2 when they were attacked outside Sabor Tropical Supermarket…

…‘I fought back,’ the girl told 7 News Miami. ‘I had to save my mom.’

Chief Frank Adderley said during a press conference Thursday that while he wouldn’t recommend confronting criminals, the girl’s actions were understandable during the heat of the moment.

‘I bet he was shocked when she hit him right on the face,’ Adderly told reporters. ‘You definitely could tell on the video tape he was not expecting that. Her actions were perfect timing in this particular situation.

‘I think she hit him pretty hard.’

 Daily Mail

The suspect’s expression on his mugshot reflects the humiliation that he must have at being pounded in the face by a 9 year old girl. As for Journee, she either wants to be a teacher or a police officer when she grows up. [West Palm Beach Police Chief let her know they were hiring.]

Though police don’t recommend that a 9 year old take on a violent career criminal, she showed courage that is rare these days.

Demetrius Jackson


Featured screenshot via Clash Daily

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