West Bank-Gaza Textbooks: No Mention of Israel

By Faye Higbee

In a report by YNET news, a review of textbooks used by students on the West Bank and Gaza reveals the books sanctioned by the UN have no mention of Israel in them, and portray the Jewish state and people far from reality.

When people start badgering Israel for a two state solution, or call for them to be sanctioned they are woefully ignorant of issues such as this. The problem has ALWAYS been that Muslims in the region refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  These textbooks are examples of such a belief.

The Palestinian flag superimposed over the entire region – no Israel at all

The books are written by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and used in schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The schools do not teach children to recognize Israel – not even within 1947 borders. They are not taught to recognize the Jewish state at all.

The textbooks teach children that the Western Wall, Temple Mount, and Cave of the Patriarchs are Muslim “holy sites” which Jews are trying to subvert. If you recall, the UN declared both the Temple Mount and Cave of the Patriarchs Muslim sites last year.

The children at these UN schools are taught that the massacres of Jews in 1929 were just “revolts.” Over 130 Jews were murdered by Arabs in those massacres.

On these British stamps during the British occupation, only the English and Arabic is left. The Hebrew has been erased.

No Jewish towns established after 1948 are in the textbooks. And they have renamed Tel Aviv to Tel al-Rabia on a map.

Even though PA leader Abbas has talked about this issue, and agreed to be part of a bi-partisan meeting to work on the problem, YNET News reports that no meeting has ever taken place.

The Center for Near East Policy Research conducted the study of the textbooks, and their results were published less than two weeks from the UN resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal.

Do these Muslims want peace? No. They want the entire land of Israel with no Jews at all.