We Will Not Be Silenced! Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Censored Again

Big Tech has destroyed the First Amendment and is working hard to destroy the rest. Their Ivory Tower Censors are at work day and night to destroy the voices of anyone with whom they disagree. And Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children once again is in their crosshairs. They must be terrified of us, but we will not be silenced!

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First problem: Every single one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children T-shirts one Shopify has been marked a “violation” claiming some of them are about “selling guns”,”dating sites” or some other trashy b.s.

None of our products are firearms, or sexual enhancement toys. They are T-Shirts only. It appears that the Facebook AI has gone off the rails in a major way. But that’s not the half of what their Ivory Tower censors have done to Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.  

This post gave us TWO violations although it was only posted once. So Rick asked why.


No answer to his request.

Instagram: we will not be silenced there either

Our Instagram account was taken down at over 600,000 followers. When they supposedly put it up again, people only received an error message. If you weren’t aware, Facebook owns Instagram.  Our original account there is down. You can still find us here.

It looks like your account has been disabled. We disable Instagram accounts that don’t follow our Terms of Use. Actions that are against these terms include:

– Continued prohibited behavior after receiving a warning or multiple warnings from Instagram

– Unsolicited contact with others for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting dating or other inappropriate conduct

– Impersonation of a person or entity, or other misrepresentation of identity

– Posting content that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law

– Posting content that violates our Terms of Use

Please review our Terms of Use to learn more about our policies:


The Instagram Team

Rick asked Instagram:

Is this disable permanently?

Can you please show me what content I have posted that cannot be found on Instagram in other similar accounts? Why are we targeted by our content when others post similar?

What behavior or warning are you speaking of?

No one has solicited anyone for any purpose of dating or harassment, ever in our history have we ever solicited anyone for that purpose. We advertise products in our store , we are a brand company and blog. Actually people request us modeling positions to which we decline.

No one is impersonating anyone. We are www.UncleSamsMisguidedChildren.com and @unclesamsmisguidedchildren is our account and our logo since we created over 604, 000 followers. All organic. I also most as the admin of the account. A legal Latino immigrant and US Veteran.

What content exactly have we posted that violates the law or infringes someone? It’s a brand, we don’t have the ability to infringe on anyone for that matter. What law do you speak of that we have violated? And what content that we posted that cannot be found anywhere else on Instagram? We post actual trending stories shown on news media or local reposted from actual Instagram accounts. Nothing that we post violated anyone’s rights or break the laws.

Again, what content violated the terms and policies when is the same content found in other accounts on Instagram.

Here is their response to Rick’s request for a reason: Crickets. No response at all.

Rick Ferran’s account was also banned, saying that he had to prove his identity. Often when that happens the person disappears never to be seen again.

In all of this, we have received numerous notes of “sorry we made a mistake” from Facebook, which has yielded absolutely no changes at all and the violations remain. We are on the blacklist, as we previously reported.

As revealed in the featured photo, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children articles have been removed from the newsfeed as punishment until Sept 17.

Our backup page for Instagram is here.

Here is our FB page.

Here is our YouTube account.