Wayne County GOP Election Canvassers Refused to Certify Election Results: One had to Go Into Hiding

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Two Wayne County GOP members of the Board of Canvassers voted against certification of the election results. The reaction of the Democrats on the board was so hostile that one of them went into hiding. Police escorted him to the safety of a friend’s home with just the clothes on his back, and advised him not to go home. Welcome to the 2020 Election Twilight Zone.

Wayne County GOP members William Hartmann and Monica Palmer deadlocked the initial vote at 2-2 for certification. The numbers simply didn’t add up, either in black-dominated Detroit, or white-dominated Livonia. The two changed their votes when they were assured that an independent audit would be conducted. Then the Democrat Michigan Secretary of State said there would be ‘no audit.’ Neither one of the two have officially signed the certification, either.

Monica Palmer received death threats:

“I have received text messages with graphic photos of naked, dead women. And then a photo of my daughter, letting me know that that’s what’s going to happen to my daughter…Calling me a terrorist and saying that my entire family should be fearful for their lives.”

Monica Palmer in the Detroit Free Press

President Trump reportedly called Monica to see if she was all right. She stated that he did not try to influence her at all, just wanted to make sure she was fine. (Detroit Free Press)

The reaction to Mr. Hartmann’s refusal to certify the results was over the top enough to actually “scare ” him. He told the Epoch Times that police were stationed near his house watching for anything that might happen.

“The news media went to my house and filmed the front of my house and my address. And then my website was doxxed. And I got over 1,500 hate emails. And you got to then throw social media on top of that.”

He didn’t receive any explicit death threats, but was told to “burn in hell” many times, he said.

Hartmann worked with a friend to retrieve some clothes and his computer from his home.

“He arranged with the local police department to have an unmarked van and a couple police cars go to my house. I gave him the key and I stayed in a remote location and we communicated using FaceTime … and I told them what to get,” Hartmann said.

“So they did that. And then, the police cars sort of blocked in the news media vans. And then the other van—they had taken the license plates off just so that they couldn’t be tracked down—and that drove different ways till they got to where I was. And then I got all my stuff and I drove back to where I was staying.”

Hartmann said the tenant in his duplex also was forced to go live with her sister for a while.

He’s back home now, but the police still conduct regular drive-bys, he said.

The Epoch Times

After a local head of the NACCP and a Vice President at Wayne State University accused both Hartmann and Palmer of being racists, they were told that “stain” would follow them through history in a Zoom call.

As we have stated before, this intolerance for dissent is only a harbinger of what is to come. Facts do not matter to the Democrats or this crop of leftists. Be aware.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Wayne County GOP Canvassers William Hartmann and Monica Palmer

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