Waukesha Christmas Parade: Red SUV Plows Into Spectators and Participants, 5 Dead, Dozens Injured

Faye Higbee
waukesha christmas parade

The Waukesha Christmas Parade is an annual celebration that mixes joy, laughter, and fun. The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, the floats, and many local marching bands entertain the crowds, who appreciate them by clapping and cheering. But Sunday afternoon, November 21, tragedy struck when a man sped past the police barricades and drove a red SUV into the spectators and parade participants. At least five were killed, and so far the count of injured stands at 40. The injured count may change as some were self-transported to the local hospitals.

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The Dancing Grannies and the Waukesha South Marching Band were two parade groups that were struck by the speeding vehicle.

The Waukesha Christmas parade was in full swing on Sunday. A red SUV – a Ford Escape – suddenly sped past the police barricade and into the crowds – spectators that included many children. Screams of horror from the crowd flled the air as police scrambled to reach the victims. According to witnesses, there may have been more than one male involved in the incident. Though people claimed that the people in the SUV were shooting, the Police chief stated that the gunfire came from a police officer who was attempting to stop the SUV. No one was injured from gun shots.

The suspect or “person of interest” has been identified as Darrell Brooks Jr, an aspiring rapper. Police are searching for any additional suspects. Police located the smashed red SUV at the home listed as his address in Waukesha.

Screenshot from Twitter showing the suspect vehicle.
Darrell Brooks Jr

Brooks has an extensive criminal record, and is a registered sex offender in Nevada. Police believe he may have been involved in a fight prior to the attack on the parade. There are two open felony cases on him in the Wisconsin courts prior to the parade.

Darrell E. Brooks Jr. of 19th Street has open charges filed November 5, 2021, in Milwaukee courts for resisting an officer (misdemeanor), felony bail jumping, second degree recklessly endangering safety (felony) with domestic abuse assessments, disorderly conduct and battery (both misdemeanors, also with domestic abuse assessments.)

He posted $1,000 cash bail on November 19, 2021.

Thatโ€™s despite the fact he has another open felony case in Milwaukee County, from 2020.

That case is for second-degree recklessly endangering safety โ€“ felony with use of a dangerous weapon (two counts) and possessing firearm convicted of a felony (felony charge.) The case was filed in July 2020, but it remains pending. Milwaukee County courts is dealing with a major backlog in cases.

Heavy.com you can read more of his extensive history at the link.

The city has started a fund for the victims of the attack on the Waukesha Christmas Parade.


Featured screenshot via Twitter – the suspect vehicle missed this little girl dancing on the street by mere inches.

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