Washington State CAIR Events Special Guest: Ilhan Omar. Protests Ensue

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Two Washington State CAIR Events lined up Rep Ilhan Omar as their guest speaker. In Bellevue on Saturday, people turned out to protest. She was also set to be the main speaker at a $40 per plate dinner at the SEA-TAC Hilton on Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 p.m. in which the Press was banned. It’s the second time that CAIR has banned the press from a dinner with Omar.

Note that both events were set for Memorial Day weekend.

The Saturday fundraiser for CAIR was called “Un-Apologetically US: Building MUSLIM POWER For 2020 & Beyond.” It was held at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington. It also garnered a plethora of protestors on both sides.

The following tweets from Saturday’s events were made by Journalist Andy Ngo, from the Quillette, a Portland-based media. When Omar’s supporters found out that he was not a “pre-approved” media outlet, they tried to block him. Andy Ngo is Asian.

They continually called the Jewish protesters “racists” and “nazis.” You’d think by now they’d find something else in their vocabulary… but nope.

The first one reveals that the press wasn’t wanted at the CAIR events Ramadan dinner.

These tweets show protesters against Ilhan Omar standing against anti-Semitism, and a handful of what the Gateway Pundit referred to as “burned out hippies” on her side.

Mr Ngo walks into “duelling protests” on regular basis, since he frequently covers the Antifa actions in Portland, Oregon.

The problem here is that Ilhan Omar is openly anti-Semitic. She hates the United States, and that is evidenced by her constant accusations against America that are not true. (She accused politicians of being in the pocket of Israel by using the praise “It’s all about the benjamins, baby”).

By her continual fundraising for CAIR events, she shows that her focus is not on the nation that elected her, but the terrorists that seek to destroy us.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter by Mr. Andy Ngo


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    She needs to go back to the goat shit covered rock pile she came from and take Tlaib and Sarsor with her

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