Warrior Weekend – Red Neck Olympics and Hog Roast in Colorado Springs

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Two days in July will be Warrior Weekend! Can you hit a watermelon with your gun? How far can you spit seeds? Can you shoot skeet? How about hit a target from a helicopter? Do you bow hunt? All of these and more will be events at TheTiegenFoundation‘s Red Neck Olympics on July 13th, 2018. There will be a Hog Roast on the 14th, at the end of Warrior Weekend.  The two day event in Colorado Springs promises to be great fun!

The event will be held in Colorado Springs, CO. In order to get the address, you must purchase tickets on the Tiegen Foundation website.

There will be some spectacular Team captains, including Benghazi hero John “Tig” Tiegen (Marine Veteran); our very own Rick Ferran (Tank) from Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (Marine Veteran); Freddy Harteis (@thehollywoodhunter) Owner of Hollywood Hunter Productions on Pursuit Channel & WildTV; Nathan Moore- member of FastTrax, the largest commercial Skydiving Team in the world (Army Veteran); Don Jenkins, Medal of Honor recipient (Army veteran); and Tawny Lynn from the TV show Naked and Afraid (She’s a competitive shooter. Don’t mess with her).

Don’t underestimate any of these team Captains. Anything can happen at this competition.

Margaret Tiegen will separate the VIP participants, Sponsors, and Veterans into the teams so that they are evenly matched.  (No, they don’t get to choose their own team, that’s cheating).

VIP participants will pay $250 for a two day pass to Warrior Weekend. Proceeds are going to the Tiegen Foundation, and there will be prizes for the winners.

General Admission tickets are available for $50, and are only good for the 14th. But purchase them before July 1, as they will be $100 at the gate. You can still Helicopter shoot with a 14th only ticket for a fee.

Purchase tickets to get the address of the event. Camping is limited so you must make a request via email battlefieldfoundation@gmail.com.

From the Tiegen Foundation website – Beyond the Battlefield:

“Beyond the Battlefield The Tiegen Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to Our Wounded Veterans. Our mission is to provide support for Wounded Veterans as they face the many challenges encountered during their rehabilitation, reintegration and healing process. Often when our veterans return from their tour of service, the tolls of war have been too great to bear alone.
We will leave no service member behind and will work diligently to prevent veteran suicide. By including wounded members in various Foundation-sponsored events we aim to motivate, encourage and afford them opportunities they might not otherwise have had. The Foundation’s focus is to lift their spirits while reminding them that there is more Beyond the Battlefield and their sacrifices will never be forgotten.
God Bless Our Troops. charitable organization definition Veteran Non profit charitable organization.” 


Featured photo – Pix by Robyn on the Tiegen Foundation website

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