Warning from a Communist Survivor, Marine Veteran

Faye Higbee

Those who have lived through communism are watching their America turn to evil. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children‘s Rick Ferran has tried for years to make people understand the dangers of what is occurring in this country, only to be censored by leftist factions like Facebook. But he is not alone in what he sees, others who have lived through the horrifying actions of Communists also see it. We must fight back against this agenda.We can no longer be “passive conservatives.”

Their agenda went live when Zuckerberg ripped down the pages and even social media of many conservatives, calling them “inauthentic behavior.” They tried to say that it was “behavior” and not “content.”  Whole social media sites have been taken down, as the censorship has run rampant. Communism at its core is about such things.

“Communist’s plans are in full effect: first Gun Control, then Freedom of Speech, Intimidation, Assassination of Character, due process denied, everyone on the right is demonized and ridiculed, persecuted for fighting back, definitions of Conservative are changed, school indoctrination… tell me if this isn’t happening now?” Rick Ferran

An example from Google- if you search for voter suppression cartoons, this is what you’ll find- all negative towards Conservatives and Trump. Again, Communist agenda. Character assassination: turning ordinary people who love the country into “racists,” “nazis,” “fascists.”

Here is the crux of the story:

My name is Rick Ferran, aka Tank.  I am a US Marine Veteran. I survived 13 years under the oppressive Castro regime. I never in a million years would have imagined having to experience again what I had experience as a child growing up under communism. What ANTIFA Communists, the Socialists, BLM, Black Panthers Para Military Arms of the Democrat Party are doing to the opposition is exactly what the communists did to my family.

I remember the first time the communists came to my house: students who were not old enough to know better were lead by my teachers and ordered my fellow classmates to throw rotten eggs, rocks, bottles of urine, and feces at my house. I remember one of my neighbors tried to stop the mob and he was lynched by them as I watched through the window.

I was alone with my little sister and my mother who had told us that we couldn’t go to school that morning. Thanks to my mother’s sixth sense, our family survived another day.

My fellow Americans, this is not going to stop. It will get worse, the censorship has already begun, already groups who have tried to fight communist terrorist groups like Antifa are being persecuted and treated like criminals when it should be the other way around. I hold the Democrats, the media, and the poor leadership of the Republican party responsible for such actions. The USA needs to turn around this path or we will all experience what real nightmares are made of.

Others who also lived through the horror have contacted Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Here are a few:

Communism running unchecked

An Antifa mob goes to Tucker Carlson’s house and threatens his family, tells them to leave Washington DC, where he grew up. A mob threatens Senator Ted Cruz, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and others at restaurants, forcing them to eat elsewhere. Trump supporters are attacked for their t-shirts or red hats. Mobs scream and shout at US Senators who are just trying to walk through airports. Mobs pound on the doors of the Supreme Court because they’re mad at a nominee who was confirmed to the bench after lies leveled against him.

These are COMMUNIST tactics. They are designed to CONTROL, to FORCE us to do and think what the left wants.

If we do not fight back, there will be no turning back. We’ve elected Communist/Socialist candidates. Florida’s elections are in jeopardy because of an unknown truck filled with ballots. Communists are turning America into a breeding ground of hate against ordinary people.


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