Wanna know why the internet is awesome? It’s American.

By Ioannis Stratakis

Hundreds of millions of people rely on the internet on a daily basis for a variety of reasons ranging from getting the news or working, to gaming and entertainment in general. Pretty much everyone that uses the internet agrees on one thing: it provides freedom. The internet is the new wild frontier, a brave new world with myriads of opportunities and whether one will use them for good or bad is up to him.

The internet is freedom at its finest, an amazing asset that works as the ultimate testimony on free will as it was given by god. Just by having access to the internet one may do incredible or horrible things, but that lies entirely up to him to make the right choices.

The reason internet is this beacon of freedom can be summarized by one phrase; ‘it’s American’.
The reason the it’s such an incredible asset is because the 1st amendment applies there. That’s it people, nothing more and nothing less. Every single person on this planet that uses it owes that freedom to the United States Constitution and the people who contributed in the making of it.

reagan-freedomUnfortunately this freedom was taken for granted, and as Reagan had warned us, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. If the ongoing sale of the internet to other countries-that will monitor and do as they please with it- is not stopped, you may kiss that freedom goodbye.

The great American fallacy is that Americans tend to believe that the rest of the world is like the States, well news flash; it ain’t. The ultimate authority in the United States lies upon the best political document ever framed, the US Constitution.

It is a document that does not serve as a mere guide which governs the lives of the people, but it’s what preserves the fire of freedom, the fire that makes America stand out in the dark as a beacon of light. The flame which lights that beacon from time to time requires the blood of the American patriots as fuel.