Voting Machines “Dressed in Democracy” by Totalitarians

By Faye Higbee

A former intelligence official told The Epoch Times that voting machines are “dressed in democracy” to look like they’re doing what is right, but are not doing what the country expects them to do. They are manipulating the votes.

“It’s unconventional warfare. It is basically a 9/11 attack of the electoral system…This is basically a terrorist attack into the integrity of the United States’ foundation.”

Epoch Times: Former CIA official whose name was not revealed

According to the former CIA official, the voting machines really were created in Venezuela to keep Hugo Chavez in office. The CIA official has investigated compromised voting machines for over 10 years. What he has seen happen in the United States in 2020 happened in Venezuela during Chavez’ tenure.

The former CIA official and his team found through their investigation that Chávez started to focus on voting machines to ensure victory as early as 2003, when over 20 percent of Venezuelans signed a recall referendum to remove him from his president position.

“He [Chávez] started talking to a company called Indra, a Spanish company which [ran] elections [in Venezuela at that time,]” he said.

After figuring out Indra’s voting machines couldn’t be manipulated, Chávez contacted Smartmatic, a voting machine supplier that was first founded by three Venezuelans—Antonio M. Mugica, Roger Piñate, and Alfredo Anzola—in Venezuela in 1997 and then registered in Delaware in April 2000.

“There was a bidding for the referendum election [in 2003]. Indra got disqualified and Smartmatic won that. So in the 2004 recall referendum, Smartmatic was taking care of [the counting],” he said…

...In June 2004, Smartmatic participated in a Venezuelan recall referendum. “At midnight of the election, the machines were counting. At 3:00 a.m., Chávez suddenly won by ten percent. Before 3:00 a.m., the result was opposite,” he said.

The Epoch Times

Statistically Impossible Numbers

Patrick Byrne discusses his cyber team with Chanel Rion of OANN

And it’s not just the machines themselves, but the counts they stated that are at the crux of the issue. According to Chanel Rion at OAN, a millionaire name Patrick Byrne pulled together a team of cyber experts who have been going through the election results with a fine toothed comb. What they have found is that there are statistical impossibilities in the number counts. The states are ignoring them, but this team is coordinating with President Trump’s legal team in an effort to get someone’s attention.

1.8 Million ballots were sent out in one state, 2.5 million were counted. The statistical improbability of say 1000 votes all for Biden occur during a ballot dump, something is not right. Listen to Byrne’s interview and understand – this man is a libertarian who has never voted for either a Democrat or Republican. And he’s sounding the alarm. Will anyone listen?

As this fight comes down to the wire, America is in serious trouble. Our elections are not “free” when other actors have their fingers in them.


Featured photo: screenshot via OAN

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