Virginia Police Ramp Up Presence at Malls Due to ISIS Threat

Faye Higbee
Screenshot of Fairfax County Courthouse orig photo by Mark Summerfield

Virginia police ramped up their presence at shopping malls, busy roads, and transit areas in response to an ISIS threat over Halloween weekend. This action comes as top military leaders claimed that yes, ISIS-K and Al-Qaeda want to conduct “external” actions against the US, but so far lack the ability to do so. That particular viewpoint remains to be seen. Fairfax County Police chief Kevin Davis says his officers will remain on high alert possibly until after the gubernatorial election on Tuesday.

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#ISIS threat in #WashingtonDC suburbs. Police are increasing their presence around shopping malls and high-volume roads and transit areas in response to a purported threat from ISIS this #Halloween weekend.


Police in Northern Virginia are on a heightened state of alert as a new law enforcement alert warned of a potential threat against malls and shopping centers located just outside of Washington, D.C. The threat originated with ISIS and is the basis for the alert, sources told CBS News.

“We have increased our police presence throughout the county to include major thoroughfares, transit hubs, shopping plazas and shopping malls,” Fairfax County police chief Kevin Davis said Friday…

“It’s just our responsibility to have a greater presence, to be more aware and to ask the community to have their eyes and ears peeled for suspicious activities,” Davis said. 


The CBS article stated that ISIS has been more “active” since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and that threats from terrorist groups are accelerating according to military officials. Virginia police are aware that Lone Wolf attacks are always possible, regardless of the distance between terrorist groups and the United States. Arlington County Police Department and the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office said they hadn’t heard about any specific threats.

Human Events reporter Jack Posobiec wrote on Twitter that his sources told him that the threat was related to the Afghan Refugees. That report at this time is unconfirmed.

Thousands of Afghan refugees entered the country through Dulles Airport to be sent onward to several military bases for screening for background and health issues. Among those in Virginia are Fort Lee and Fort Pickett (Central Virginia), and the Quantico Marine Base (Northern Virginia). Reuters reported that around 700 refugees “independently left the military bases.” Virginia police will be watching, and hopefully so will the public.


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