Virginia Governor Begs for More Gun Control, Says It’s An “Emergency”

By Faye Higbee

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam called an “emergency” special session for the legislature over what he calls the need for more gun control after the Virginia Beach shooting.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s plans:

The Hill reported,

Northam said he would ask legislators to approve so-called red flag legislation that would allow a court to take guns away from those who pose a danger to themselves and others. He wants the General Assembly to reinstate a rule limiting gun purchases to one a month, and to pass new bans on assault weapons and bump stocks.

 “I will be asking for votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers. And I ask that members of the general assembly engage in open and transparent debate,” Northam said. 

The special session threatens to inject the heated debate over gun violence and safety into a fraught election season that is only just getting underway. All 40 state Senate seats and all 100 seats in the House of Delegates are up for election this year. 

But let’s look at whether any of the new laws proposed by Democrat lawmakers would have stopped the deadly shooting.

Universal background checks: No, the suspect passed background checks and had no criminal record. He bought his guns legally. There is no indication that he bought the weapons privately, which would fall under “universal background checks.”

Red Flag laws: No, the shooter was not known to be suicidal or planning to kill his coworkers. He worked for the Virginia Beach city for 15 years- would you think if employees thought he was a danger they would have ignored it? And how would they know he had weapons if he didn’t tell them? That’s not even counting the violation of the constitution involved in Red Flag laws.

Limits on suppressors: They’re not “silencers” they’re suppressors, and purchasing one requires a lot of hoops to jump through. They are already federally regulated and relatively expensive. You can’t just waltz into a gun store and walk out immediately with your very own suppressor – there’s a federally mandated procedure, with forms and approval required. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

Assault weapons ban: The shooter used .45 handguns, but did own a rifle as well according to some news reports. Bad guys seem to be able to work around any gun laws that cause more hoops for legal gun owners.

Banning bump stocks is unnecessary since the Federal gov has already done it. And no one but that jackwagon in Las Vegas used one in the commission of a mass shooting.

Limiting persons to buying one firearm per month. Seriously, would that have changed the Virginia Beach scenario at all? If the gunman had only one gun instead of three would that have stopped him? It’s never stopped anyone in the past.

According to later reports, the suspect turned in his resignation on the day of the shooting. He wasn’t fired, there were reportedly no disciplinary issues…so how would ANY of the gun bills proposed by Democrats have made any difference whatsoever?

What about the mentality and thought process of the suspect? None of the proposed gun laws would have made a difference for the victims of the Virginia Beach shooting. It was the perpetrator alone who made the decision to kill.

The Virginia Governor is playing to the Democrats, as well as demanding that Republicans do something. Hysteria is a poor way of creating legislation.