Virginia Democrat Trey Adkins Facing 82 Felonies

Faye Higbee
trey adkins

Trey Adkins is a Virginia Democrat from Buchanan County who is now facing 82 felony charges from election fraud to embezzlement. He is vowing to fight the charges and proclaims his innocence. Special Prosector Zach Stoots did not comment on the case at this time.

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Trey Adkins is the current Knox District Supervisor for Buchanan County, and faces 82 felony charges:

34 counts of False Statement – Election Fraud
11 counts of Absentee Voting Procedure Violation
8 counts of Public Embezzlement
11 counts of Forgery of Public Record
15 counts of Uttering Public Record
3 counts of Conspiracy to Make a False Statement – Election Fraud

Sherry Lynn Bailey was indicted on 12 different felony charges:

4 counts of False Statement – Election Fraud
4 counts of Conspiracy to Make a False Statement
4 counts of Forgery of Public Record


According to local media, Adkins was under investigation by Virginia State Police for over two years before the indictment was handed down on Monday. A special prosecutor, Russell County Commonwealth’s Attorney Zach Stoots, was appointed to handle the case. The Grand Jury found that Adkins “falsified absentee ballots and forged signatures in order to win election.” (Sherry Lyn Bailey, also charged in the case, is Trey Adkins’ aunt.)

Adkins claims that he’s not charged with “stealing money,” only giving people gravel. He owns a construction company, and is accused of supplying county-owned gravel to private individuals. He also refuses to step down from his position. Election fraud, forgery of ballots, all of these charges are going to be tough to refute.

Defiant Democrat

“I’ve not been accused of taking money, I’ve been accused of giving people gravel. Simple as that…The issue they’re having is how the envelopes were witnessed. So, you know, it’s not that somebody didn’t get to vote the way they wanted to, or there was some kind of big fraud going on. That’s the term they use for the code section that they applied to it, and we’ll address that…And let me be clear about something else here. We will most definitely fight this in court. And once we are able to make a statement and explain who’s who and what’s going on, it’s going to shock this county.”

Trey Adkins to WYCB

The Grand Jury returned their indictment with a huge amount of charges. Is it all political, or did Mr. Adkins commit serious crimes?


Featured screenshot of Trey Adkins via video from WJHL

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