Vetted – No Plot Found in National Guard Troops.

By Faye Higbee

Only two National Guard troops were found to have any connection to a “fringe group” after they were vetted. Twelve others were reportedly relieved of duty due to either criminal history or statements that made their fellow troops nervous. The FBI found NO PLOT against Biden. This raises some questions about the entire scenario.

“Both Miller and Gaynor said there’s no evidence thus far of plans to carry out a so-called insider attack, or a plot from inside the National Guard against the U.S. government.”

The Epoch Times

It is unknown if any of the Guard members pulled from the inauguration were taken off because of what the Guard calls “operational security.” Mayor Muriel Bowser had demanded that the National Guard members be vetted, and the FBI/Secret Service did so. She ALSO requested full machine guns be deployed to protect the city. The National Guard refused her request, saying: weapons like that have no place in securing a civilian event.

“Due to operational security, we do not discuss the process nor the outcome of the vetting process for military members supporting the inauguration.”

National Guard statement

Offensively Vetted?

Texas Governor Abbott was incensed at the “disrespect” shown to the Texas National Guard and vowed to never send any of them again.

Governor Abbott wasn’t the only one offended:

If that tweet is true, and the vetted Guard members were removed because they are Conservatives, that is a huge lawsuit waiting to happen. Democrats are by far the most “fringe” group in the entire country. Suddenly they just LOVE the National Guard after denouncing it all summer long. They’ve turned the Natonal’s Capitol into a war zone.

Two thousand troops were sworn in as deputy US Marshals, so they can make any arrests necessary on Wednesday. The National Guard can make arrests, as it is not restricted by the Posse Comitatus Act. Why this action was necessary is unknown.

Stunning hypocrisy

Exactly how did Donald Trump’s inauguration day go? It was a royal nightmare complete with riots. But these Democrats are scared out of their tiny minds that Biden’s day is going to be attacked.

The commander of the National Guard in DC said something weird: that there were 65,000 troops in DC.

Did he just misspeak? Or are there that many troops in the Nation’s Capitol? Were they all vetted? Just asking. Even if he simply misspoke, there are still more troops deployed to DC than Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan combined.

No Armed Forces Tribute for Trump

The military has already told President Trump he can’t have a big send off tomorrow morning. It’s actually a break with tradition to have the outgoing Commander-in-Chief sent off without an Armed Forces Tribute. (Defense One). The man who rebuilt the military, and did everything in his power to honor them, and get rid of our enemies will not be sent off with a traditional salute. It’s outrageous!


Featured photo: screenshot via Reuters

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