Veterans protest college that refused to fly flag

By Faye Higbee

Remember Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts that decided to remove the American flag from campus indefinitely? They are experiencing serious backlash from veterans and others who are not happy with that decision. One thousand veterans gathered at Hampshire College to protest on November 27.

Jonathan Lash is the college President. Stories conflict as to whether the students moved the flag to half-mast or he ordered it after Donald Trump won the election. Then someone took the flag down and burned it. So he decided that the college would no longer raise old glory or any other flag at all. The repercussions have been serious, but he refuses to back down in his decision.

A Mayor’s View

One Massachusetts Mayor, Domenic Sarno from Springfield, (a Democrat) said that the flag removal was disrespectful to veterans.

“I know this is higher education and academia, but sometimes common sense has to prevail here.”

Mr. Sarno also participated in the veteran’s protest on Sunday, and told Fox News that the flag represented, the sacrifice and tears of America’s military.

False claims

The President of the College claims that the half mast situation was never about Donald Trump, with is a total lie. They stated it was about “hate speech.” Right. They fell under the politically correct falsehoods of the liberal media, and ascribe to phony left wing “causes.” They are the ones committing hate speech by refusing to fly the flag that so many have died for.

They say that they “welcome peaceful discussions” about the flag decision.

The flag of the United States of America should not be a tool for “discussion.” It’s the National Flag. It’s the flag for which millions have died, and millions wounded. Those who have served our nation, and given their oath to defend it do not deserve to have the flag removed in such a disrespectful, hateful left wing manner.

Mr Lash…put the flag back up and get a backbone. If you can’t do that, then step down.