Veteran Patriotism – Doorbell Camera Captures Disabled Delivery Man Taking Care of Old Glory

By Faye Higbee

Over the years, we’ve seen delivery personnel rehang American flags that have dropped on the ground or were about to drop. We’ve also seen a lot of videos from doorbell cameras. Usually those who pick up a flag are veterans who have a respect for the flag under which they fought. Veteran patriotism – will it die with a woke military? Not if people like this delivery person has anything to say about it.

Veteran patriotism

The video posted by @ginacarano on Twitter is from a doorbell camera. The Amazon delivery man is obviously disabled in some way and struggles to put the packages he’s carrying down. Numerous Twitter users claimed the video was staged. It was speeded up at the portion where the man folded the flag, but that doesn’t mean much. Any video can be slowed down or sped up in today’s technological age.

Suddenly he is distracted by an American flag that falls behind him. He tries to figure out what to do with it, and decides he will fold it and set it down on the packages. It’s what he does at the end of the video that gives you a clue as to how he may have received that disability. If it is indeed real, it is a stunning example of veteran patriotism.

The snappy salute at the end is a clue to the man’s background. Veteran patriotism – will it survive the onslaught of a woke military? Twitter viewers responses were mixed, some found the moment inspiring, others mocked him or made disparaging remarks. Many of those making nasty comments were not from America. Only the good remarks are here:

That was so amazing. When someone says it gave me goosebumps well that’s the video that does it. People just seem to forget what it took and takes for you to act and have what u have in most instances. Gina this should be shared and it’s awesome! Wow.

Can someone find this guy! I would like to send him money or something for his service and his kindness. I can’t stop watching this for some reason


A promotion, a few days off and physicians that seriously take care on fix his leg. He did all the things right. He took the flag properly, he folded properly and also saluted it with respect. A real patriot, a specie in extinction.


This guy can barely walk and he did a perfect about-face. And the salute got to me. I’m proud to have served and it’s mostly because I can share a common thread with fine Americans like this. Thank you for posting this. God bless you.


Once you’re served and sacrificed the love for this nation will never fade. It becomes a part of us, it’s in our blood. We breathe it, we live it, we never forget. Our service is our loyalty to this nation too which we’d pay our entire existence for. Thank you for this share.


We sincerely hope that @BigDaddyByz is correct, that love for this nation will never fade in the hearts of our veterans. Real or staged, disabled or not, this video has touched the hearts of those who viewed it. Veteran patriotism…yes!


Featured photo: screenshot

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