Veteran Paints Trump Mural in Fort Myers -Someone Erased It

By Faye Higbee

Leo Stack is an Army Veteran who has been a professional artist for 40 years. It took him about a long time to paint a mural of our 45th President, Donald Trump, at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Fowler Street in Fort Myers. But on February 7, WINK reported that the mural had been painted over with white paint and erased.

The mural was completed in January. Stack said he wasn’t worried about it being defaced, as he said he could always redo it. But the city didn’t give anyone permission to paint over the mural, so it was likely a political statement. Someone didn’t like the subject matter. Painting over his work was a huge sign of disrespect.

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Screenshot- the wall after someone painted over Stack’s mural- even to removing his website information

According to NBC-2 back in January,

“Donald Trump is quite a business man and I think that if everybody looked at the cards, we need a business man,” said Stack.

Stack considers himself a patriot, but makes no excuses for the circumstances that led him to becoming a convicted felon. He was charged with domestic assault years ago.

“Mr. Trump is a world apart from me,” said Stack.

He couldn’t vote for Trump, but that’s not stopping him here. Some share his enthusiasm and vehicles could be heard honking as they drove by. Others were far from thrilled about the newest addition to downtown.

He is working for a second chance, and is hoping that Trump will be given a chance too. But it appears that a sore-loser liberal decided to once again disrespect a veteran by erasing his hard work.

The Artist

Leo served in the US Army from 1975-1979. He has done numerous murals in Lee County, Florida. He was contracted to paint the murals, so he’s not just painting randomly on someone’s walls- he’s a professional artist, not a graffiti artist.

His website is, where you can view some of his previous work. He has volunteered around the community, using his skills as a graphic artist to help Fort Myers Technical school with their computers, and assisting other schools with programs in graphic arts.  He has also regularly visited a local nursing home for ten years.

“The problem is a lot of people would rather make a lot of money than do what they would like.” Leo Stack

This video showcases one of his school murals from the Spring Creek Elementary School.