Venezuela Protests – Product of Failed Socialism

By Faye Higbee

Venezuela has no food. They are not just hungry, they can’t do anything thanks to the socialist government currently run by President Nicholas Maduro. In a massive protest on Thursday, protesters filled the streets of Caracas, demanding that a recall election be held to cut short his term.

“There is no food. There is no paper. There is no medicine. We are dying. Please, help Venezuela. This has to end. Maduro, you have to understand that your time is up.” Maria Alvarez told CNN in Spanish

Stores have been ransacked, riots over food have broken out, the country is in shambles. Inflation is in the triple digits, and crime is out of control. Shortages of medicine have left many to die.

But, of course, Maduro claimed the whole thing was a conspiracy by the United States to remove him from office. And he tried to stop the protest. And the government says it can’t possibly get enough signatures for a recall election by next year.

According to the CBC in Canada,

Venezuela’s embattled socialist government did all it could to sabotage Thursday’s protest in Caracas.

It arrested opposition leaders and threatened to fire state workers who took part in the march. Authorities blocked roads into the city and shut down key subway stations, forcing people to walk for kilometres to reach the protest…

Several foreign correspondents (myself included) were banned from entering Venezuela to cover the protest, and security agents expelled a Miami Herald reporter Wednesday night.

The government arrested two opposition leaders this week, accusing them of possessing bomb-making materials, and detained about a dozen more on Thursday, according to Reuters. In addition, police stopped dozens of buses heading for Caracas, blocked some roads, and reduced a four-lane highway leading into city to just one lane, causing huge traffic snarls.

It didn’t work…

Whether it was hundreds of thousands or a million, the protest was the largest one since 2002, when Chavez was briefly removed from power. But the question remains, did it do any good? The peaceful demonstration made a statement, but actual movement to end the socialist nightmare was not evident.


Screenshot via instagram

Maduro has grown increasingly heavy-handed, and with the shortages of essential items, is likely on borrowed time. analysts say  this was a royal embarrassment to the government, but entrenched people could care less about embarrassment.

It may take more than a massive demonstration to remove this Socialist stronghold.

“Free speech will always turn down the ‘human mask’ of socialism, while Democracy can always put them out of power. ..”Democratic Socialism” cannot exist in reality…” Viktor Trifunovski, Macedonian expert on Socialism