Venezuela in Chaos- Maduro Cuts Off US, Opposition Leader Recognized as Interim President

By Faye Higbee

As far as the eye could see in Venezuela today, the streets were crammed with protesters demanding that Nicholas Maduro step down. The opposition leader, Juan Guaido, 35, was recognized by President Trump and VP Pence as the legitimate interim president of the country. Maduro responded to cut off all relations with the United States, and demanded that all diplomatic personnel leave the country within 72 hours (Fox)

The massive protests took place across Venezuela. Maduro has been a dictator for some time, and the last elections were rigged to preserve his regime. Venezuela was once one of the richest oil producing nations in the world. Now, with inflation at over 1 million percent, its currency is worthless and its people are starving. That’s socialism.

One person, Antonio Ortiz C from Venezuela tweeted,

“Precisely the whole point of our fight for freedom is because WE DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE OUR COUNTRY. We want to rebuild it, so none of us is ever again forced to leave seeking the future that was stolen from us AND OUR CHILDREN here in Venezuela.”

Marco Rubio mentioned that the Cuban G2 may have had a hand in the Maduro response today.

He stated that today’s protest is “much different” than previous protests.

When Juan Guaido called for Maduro to step down, a member of Maduro’s regime said “I have already gotten your jail cell ready.”

In some places, the protests turned violent as government forces clashed with protesters. Some people have stated that deaths have been reported.  Always keep in mind that freedom is never free. It often comes with the blood of those willing to fight for it. The Venezuelans are not armed, the Maduro regime is.