Venezuela Blackout- Maduro Blames Marco Rubio

By Faye Higbee

With Communists and Socialists, there is no personal responsibility for anything- it’s always someone else’s fault. Maduro, the embattled Dictator of Venezuela has shifted the blame for a massive nationwide black out to…Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), according to Fox. Schools, businesses, and government building had to close, including vital industries.

Screenshot of Venezuelan blackout via CGTN America.

The massive power outage that has taken 96% of the country offline began on Thursday as commuters were headed home after work. Suddenly, stop lights no longer worked, streets went dark, and public transportation shut down. Hospitals had to monitor patients by candle light. Of course, in keeping with socialist idiocy, the Maduro regime blamed Senator Rubio.

Senator Rubio has been a vocal advocate for Venezuela, and has spoken of the theft of monies by the Regime that should have been used for maintenance of their electrical grid. But the blackout has created havoc across Venezuela, and even caused the deaths of nine patients in the Casal Ramos Hospital. Hospital workers fought to save babies on ventilators. Dialysis patients who had been without their life-saving machines expected to die.

The Caracas Chronicles tweeted:
“Patients of a dialysis center in Caracas are in their second day without treatment because of the blackout. Neighbors hear desperate screams: “we’re going to die!”

More blackouts rolled over the country even in areas where power had been restored. Workers at the nation’s hydroelectric dam had warned the Maduro government two weeks ago that it couldn’t sustain a blackout. No one listened.

In response to the crisis, Maduro planned a rally. Police and military roamed the streets, including a pro-government sniper captured on video. Counter demonstrations by the opposition erupted across the country.

Residents of a nearby apartment complex banged on pots and used expletives as they shouted “Maduro” in an attempt to drown out his rally.

The clock is ticking on the Maduro regime. If the socialists had not disarmed the people of Venezuela, this would have been over a long time ago.

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter of Venezuelan police watching the opposition demonstrators.