“Vaccine Passports” – Freedom Destroyed

vaccine passports

When you got a shingles shot as an adult, did you get a “vaccine passport?” Shingles is a virus too. What about that flu shot? Flu kills hundreds of thousands of people every year- of course now that Covid showed up, flu has “gone down.” Any mandatory vaccines or vaccine passports stands in stark contrast to the Constitution and the principles of America, and opens a potential Pandora’s box of exteme discrimination. (And already has with Rutgers University requiring Covid vaccine for students ).

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I understand the concept, because if you travel overseas to regions with outbreaks of various diseases, you carry an international health certificate that shows your vaccinations. But for state to state and within the borders of the United States? This could destroy any semblance of normalcy we ever had.

Everyone who received a Covid-19 vaccination got a “Covid card” showing the date and type of vaccine they were given. But the concept gives rise to the possibility of horrific discrimination for those who have chosen not to receive the shot. And THAT’s where a “vaccine passports” or even “proof of vaccination” should concern us all.

The Biden administration claimed they were not developing “vaccine passports.” But they are, in fact, working on a system to show whether people are vaccinated. (No difference).

“There is currently an interagency process that is looking at many of the questions around vaccine verification, and that issue will touch many agencies, as verification is an issue that will potentially touch many areas of society. That’s guidance we’ll provide. A determination or development of vaccine passport or whatever you want to call it will be driven by the private sector. Ours will more be focused on guidelines that can be used as a basis and there are a couple of key principles that we are working from,” she added.

The key principles are that there will be no centralized, universal database tracking COVID-19 vaccinations, there will be no federal mandate requiring all Americans to obtain a single vaccine passport, there will be encouragement of an open marketplace with both companies and nonprofits developing technology, and there will be an effort by the government to ensure all passports meet key standards, such as “accessibility” and “affordability,” Psaki said.

The Epoch Times, reporting on Jen Psaki’s remarks

Much of her “reassurance” was couched in politicspeak like “guidance” or “verification.” Always remember that as a general rule, politicspeak hides the truth. In spite of the denials, this administration and the liberal public at large have a nasty habit of being heavy-handed and intolerant toward anyone who disagrees with them, or who might not be able to take the vaccine based on their medical history. Just ask a mask-nazi.

If we start deciding who’s allowed to freely participate in society based on individual vaccination status, we’re really trying to put the responsibility onto individuals to be vaccinated. And that, in turn, assumes that whether or not a person has been vaccinated is wholly a matter of their own completely free choice. And that’s just not the case. In fact, vaccination is going to be dependent on a whole load of other factors beyond people’s control, such as ability to access the vaccine, pre-existing health conditions, and so forth.

Dr Sarah Chan, bioethics professor, Edinburgh University

New York has already instituted a system of Vaccine passports called the Excelsior pass. It was created by IBM and will be used at sports stadiums, businesses, and arenas to “prove” the person has been vaccinated. If this discriminatory plan moves forward, it will be the end of freedom. As Naomi Wolf, a former Clinton advisor stated, the idea would be the “end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”


Featured photo: screenshot of Jen Paski, Biden Press Secretary

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