VA Dentist may have infected 592 Veterans with Hepatitis or HIV

By Faye Higbee

A dentist at the VA in Tomah, Wisconsin violated procedure, potentially exposing 592 veterans to HIV or Hepatitis. But he’s not being fired, he’s being shifted to an administrative post, at least for now.

The VA hospital is notifying the veterans by letter, with the exception of 54 they notified by phone. The Acting Director, Victoria Brahm says that all testing is free, and so will the treatment, if they are found to test positive for the two diseases.

The Dentist, who has not been named, “purposefully” used his own equipment and then reused it.

The Daily Caller reported,

“It was purposeful that he was violating VA regulations,” Brahm said Tuesday. “During all of the orientation, he used all of our equipment. He used it appropriately, so it was very purposeful from what we found in our investigation that he knew exactly what he was doing, and preferred to use his own equipment against procedure.”

He did it for an entire year- from October 2015, to October 2016. It wasn’t until a dental hygienist noticed the problem that the dentist was stopped. What was his plan? Who was he? Why would he do that? The case has been referred to the Inspector General to ass possible charges.

“We have clear evidence that we are moving forward and the people that remain here are very vested and here for the mission of taking care of veterans. There are pockets of improvement that need to occur they still need to I’ll be honest, and we are aware of where they are and we are dealing with them as quickly as we can.” Victoria Brahm

Dear Ms. Brahm: These are not just “pockets of improvement.” This is a systemic problem all across the VA. Poor doctors, filthy conditions, all of it has been rampant across numerous VA hospitals.

A former Chief of Staff at this very VA hospital, David Houlihan, was finally fired after over-prescribing strong opioids. His patients actually called him the “Candy Man.”

The scandals are deep and widespread in the VA system.