VA Councilman Brings AR-15 To Meeting, Triggering Liberals

By Faye Higbee

VA Councilman Nathan Clark strapped on an AR-15 and wore it to a Portsmouth city council meeting. Three of the council members threw a fit and called for his resignation. Four others agreed with his display and a resolution declaring themselves a “Second Amendment Constitutional City” passed 4-3.

The whining from three of the council members revealed what they thought was “intimidation,” and one called for his resignation.

“It was a disgrace, disheartening and an embarrassment. Most of us were blindsided by the display.”  Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke 

An “embarrassment?” The liberals are the embarrassment. The VA councilman is a current law enforcement officer. Another council member stood with Councilman Clark:

“I do not believe that Council Clark needs to apologize for exercising his right as a law enforcement officer to carry his weapon to a public meeting.” Councilman Bill Moody

The three council members were triggered by him exercising his rights – as all liberals are who are scared to death of any kind of gun.

VA Councilman Nathan Clark’s official BIO reads in part:

“Clark has served Portsmouth under multiple capacities, including the sheriff’s office, the police department, and the fire department. Clark worked as a deputy sheriff until 1991 when he joined the Portsmouth Police Department. While on the police department, Clark served as a member of the Tactical Response Unit and the Strategic Traffic Unit.  In 2002, Clark shifted his focus to the other side of the public safety spectrum and joined the Portsmouth Fire Department. Assignments included Ladder 1 and Engine 4, while serving as a member of the Technical Rescue Team. Additionally Clark served in The Virginia Army National Guard as a combat medic and received The Army Commendation Medal while on deployment.

Currently, he is employed as a marine police officer with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. Clark is now responsible for patrolling our local waterways, search and rescue operations, and counter-terrorism efforts.”

So let’s just say Portsmouth did the right thing by passing the resolution, and three of the council members should be voted out.

Featured photo: screenshot of Councilman Nathan Clark with his AR.


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