Uzbekistan Man Arrested in Stockholm Terror Attack

Faye Higbee

The terror attack in Stockholm yesterday has led to the arrest of a 39 year old Uzbekistan national. The man was arrested wearing the same clothing as the man in a photo distributed by police, and he was covered in broken glass and in possession of a balaclava. Police say they have “very good evidence” that they have the right man.

The death toll from the incident stands at 4, with 15 people injured. Nine adults and 1 child are still in the hospital, 4 of those seriously injured, the others have minor injuries.

stockholm terror attack

The man fled into the subway, and took a train north then south in an attempt to confuse police. But surveillance photos of the suspect were circulated among police officers and news media in the city, so it did not work.

According to Fox News, police found a suspicious bag inside the hijacked truck, and police were investigating to determine whether explosives were inside.

The “marginal” suspect

Police state that they do not know how long the man has lived in Sweden, and he was previously in their files, but was not in recent contacts. He allegedly posted ISIS videos on his Facebook page (his name was not released), and he “liked” bloody images of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Terror attack. ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the attack as yet.

According to the Swedish media Aftonbladet, a friend of the man stated the he does not live at the address he reported, but instead lives south of Stockholm. He reportedly has 4 children and works in the construction industry.

The suspect is to appear before a judge on Saturday, and have his pre-custody hearing before Tuesday or be released.

“The country is in a state of shock. The aim of terrorism is to undermine democracy. But such a goal will never be achieved in Sweden.” Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven

The sad fact is that until Sweden (and all of Europe) wakes up regarding their open borders policy, these kinds of tragedies will continue.