Utah Bill to bring Gun Safety Education to Schools

By Faye Higbee

Utah Bill to bring Gun Safety Education to Schools

The Washington Times reported yesterday that Utah State Bill 43 -‘Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention in Public Schools’ – has been proposed by Republican Senator Todd Weiler.

The bill would be a voluntary course, and teach students what to do if they came across a firearm. It would also teach them what to do in an “active shooter situation.”

Voluntary participation

WT wrote,

“I think it’s always helpful for children and adults to think through what you would do in a situation before you encounter it,” Mr. Weilertold The Salt Lake Tribune. “Unfortunately, it is probably a necessary reality in the society we live in these days.”

If his colleagues in the Legislature agree, Utah could green-light the senator’s plan to put $75,000 toward a program that would teach mostly 13- and 14-year-olds what to do if they ever come across a firearm….

No actual firearms would be used in the course, and students would need a parent or guardian’s signature before they could participate, he said.

Good idea, sort of…

Tell me how you learn any kind of “gun safety” if there are no guns in the classroom? You can’t. Basically, this class would only tell them what to do if they “came across a firearm.”  Which is not exactly “gun safety.” People safety, perhaps.

The class would teach students to call an adult if they encounter a firearm. The aim is to prevent children from picking up a gun and shooting themselves or a friend with it.

Teaching them what to do in an active shooter situation is a great idea. Training does help lessen fear, and helps people be able to respond to situations with reason instead of panic. So the class is a good idea, as long as some blithering liberal doesn’t end up teaching it.

utah bill

Hunter Safety Courses have been offered in some rural school districts


Back in the “old days” in our area, students took “gun safety” and had real live firearms. We learned what to shoot and what not to shoot. We learned which end the bullets came out and how to aim it, which meant that we learned not to point the thing at a person unless it was in defense of our lives. We were taught range rules and the commands for firing or holding fire. THAT was “gun safety.”

None of us were afraid of guns back then. Kids carried hunting rifles in the windows of their trucks (do that now and get arrested and suspended). It was a different, more sane world. Frankly, I miss it.