USS The Sullivans, WWII Destroyer, Sinking in New York Naval Park

Faye Higbee
uss The Sullivans

The WWII Destroyer USS The Sullivans is sinking at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park at Canalside in New York. (Breitbart). The ship is a floating museum, and the hull needed repair, but apparently the damage was far worse than anyone knew.

UPDATE: The USS The Sullivans has been righted, and the Navy says it will re-open on Memorial Day.



Some of you may have heard, here in Buffalo one of our museum ships, the USS Sullivans has partially sunk at the Military Park pier on Buffalo’s waterfront.

Efforts are ongoing to locate the source of the flooding and eventually de-water the vessel once it’s been patched. We’ll keep you all updated on what happens next.

US Coast Guard Buffalo Sector Facebook

The Park says it has been dewatering the vessel at about 13,000 gallons per minute in an attempt to save the hisotric ship. The USS The Sullivans is named for five brothers who died together in WWII on the USS Juneau. It is the only ship ever named after more than one person at a time.

USS The Sullivans, named after the five brothers from Waterloo, Iowa, was the only ship in the Navy to be named after more than one person. She was commissioned in 1943 and saw action in the Pacific Theater, shooting down eight Japanese planes, bombarding Iwo Jima and Okinawa, as well as rescuing American pilots and crew from burning or sinking vessels. She also saw action during the Korean War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. USS The Sullivans was decommissioned in 1965 earning 11 battle stars for meritorious performances, and is now a historic landmark moored at the Buffalo Waterfront.

Buffalo and Erie County Naval Park

Money was raised to fix the ship’s hull and the work was to begin on Monday. The Facebook post regarding The USS The Sullivans has 413 comments at last count. Nearly all of them were hopeful that the ship could be saved, with the exception of one who said it should be towed out and allowed to totally sink (commies everywhere). At this point, the ship is in danger of hitting the pier if it rolls and sinks all the way.


Featured screenshot via USCG Facebook post

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