USAF Veteran Needs Kidney Transplant…But Because He Isn’t Vaxxed, He’s Rejected.

Faye Higbee
kidney transplant

USAF Veteran Chad Carswell, 38, needs a kidney transplant to live, and time is running out. He’s already had Covid twice, so his antibodies should be strong. But the hospitals in the area of Conover, North Carolina require him to be vaccinated in order to receive a transplant. So for now, he must do dialysis three times a week due to his kidney operating at only 4%, and that timeline is running out. And he is adamant about refusing the vaccine.

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Chad Carswell has several risk factors for Covid, so has contracted the disease twice. At one time, he weighed around 400 pounds, but through eating right and exercise he lost enough weight to bring him down to his current 230 pounds. He’s suffered six heart attacks and open heart surgeries. He’s suffered from Type 2 Diabetes, which cost him the loss of both legs. But his stance on the Covid vaccine has limited his options regarding a kidney transplant, in spite of 100 donors willing to help him. One friend of his even set up a GoFundMe on Thursday.

“I’m blessed. I’m still here — so as long as I’m here, I still have a chance…I am not anti-vax. This isn’t political. I’m all about choice. And I believe that anybody who chooses to get the vaccine because they think that it’s safe for them and it’s what’s best for them and their family, plus the boosters — by all means, do whatever you need to do. You’re not wrong…

I am a veteran. I fought for this country and my rights to be able to choose. And I believe in my right to be able to choose what I think is right for me.”

Chad Carswell, USAF veteran
Chad Carswell served in the U.S. Air Force from 2001-2005. Screenshot from 2001. Carswell was in boot camp when 9/11 occurred and served in Operation Enduring Freedom.  (Fox)

Rejected for a kidney transplant

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem requires the vaccination for all donors and patients.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s policy follows the current standard of care in the United States, which is to vaccinate all patients on waiting lists or being evaluated for transplant.

We understand that some patients may not wish to be vaccinated. In this case, patients can opt to be evaluated at another transplant center.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital statement

Chad’s situation comes after a man in Boston was refused a heart transplant due to his unvaccinated status. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath for “do no harm?” He must have a kidney transplant to save his life. Though most of the articles about this situation talked about Chad’s faith in Christ being his bottom line, the vaccine could actually cause him more problems than the disease.

Adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccine for people with serious “co-morbidities” like Chad’s could be a problem. Since he has contracted Covid twice before, he has antibodies that the rule-following hospitals are failing to recognize. Policies which deny people life-saving surgeries are wrong. Without that kidney transplant, Chad Carswell will likely die. He says he is willing to die if it means keeping his freedom of choice.

Chad has become a target of the troll parade on his Facebook page, receiving hundreds of hateful comments about his refusal to get the vaccination. They’ve even compared him to Islamic terrorists. This is the division we live under, thanks to vaccine mandates and media hype. People with massive heart conditions like Chad, people with a propensity for sepsis like Chad, and other factors make taking the vaccine a question mark. He once fought for your freedom, let’s stand with him for his.


Featured screenshot via Australia news

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