USAF Twitter Spat – What d’ya Mean, Santa Isn’t Real?

By Faye Higbee

A minor spat broke out on Twitter between Whiteman AFB and Minot AFB over whose planes are bigger that was relatively harmless and fun for them… until the USAF main account decided to try and be funny. The USAF tweeted that Santa isn’t real. Uh-oh, shock ensued, considering NORAD “tracks Santa” every December on his sleigh run to deliver presents.

OMG.  This is how it all started:

“Much to learn you still have, @Whiteman_AFB . Hrmmm.— Minot Air Force Base (@TeamMinot) October 24, 2017”

HORRORS! The USAF decided to break up the bickering over who has the biggest planes with THAT? Decades of tradition snuffed out with one tweet.

The USAF immediately recognized the error of their ways and said they were “bluffing” after the Washington Examiner picked up the story. The Air Force has “tracked Santa” for kids since 1955.  Talk about try to ruin the story…