US Soldiers Gunned Down After Attempting to Save Woman

By Faye Higbee

US Soldiers Gunned Down After Attempting to Save Woman

Lake Murray, South Carolina – Two U.S. Soldiers were killed as they attempted to save a woman who was being chased by a man with a gun.

Joseph Mills, 25, was chasing a woman outside of the  Frayed Knot Bar and Grill on Sunday morning. A crowd approached him  and he opened fire. Most of the crowd ran, but  SFC Jonathan Michael Prins, 29, and SSgt Charles Allen Judge, Jr, 40  ignored the danger in  an effort to stop him.

He shot both men.

“One of the adult male victims was pronounced dead on scene. One was transported to the hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead there.  I can tell you that we had a number of witnesses to the shooting so our major crimes detectives, once they got on scene, had a lot of people to talk to.” Sheriff’s department spokesman Capt. Adam Myrick

Mills said he was “sorry” at his hearing on Monday. He thought they were going to “lynch” him. He told police the woman had taken some drugs from him and ran.

The woman he was chasing was seriously injured in the incident.


(Left) SFC Jonathan Michael Prins, 29 and (Right) SSgt Charles Allen Judge, Jr., 40

Good Samaritans

The Frayed Knot released this statement:

It is with heavy heart that we announce that the Frayed Knot will be closed today. As you may have seen on the news, a criminal situation that originated elsewhere, was brought onto our property when a female victim was trying to escape her male attackers. Tragically, two good Samaritans lost their lives trying to help the victim. We are working with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department to provide all they need to bring these criminals to justice as quickly as possible. We ask that you keep the family and friends of those who lost their lives and the female victim in your prayers.

The owner of the bar told police that Mills was chasing the woman and beating her with the gun. He refers to the two soldiers as “heroes.”


Joseph Mills- police photo

Fox reported,

Judge was a staff sergeant and an engineering instructor at McCrady Training Center. He joined the South Carolina National Guard in 1994 and served in Iraq in 2004.

[SFC]Prins was a soldier at Fort Jackson, according to the station.

“Mr. Judge and Mr. Prins were attempting to intervene and resolve the situation peacefully.”Capt. Adam Myrick