US Ignores Iranian Drone Attacks in Iraq

Iranian Drone attacks
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps displays a fleet of small drones during a massive aerial exercise in January 2021.

Did you know that Iran targeted and struck US facilities in Iraq repeatedly in 2021? Look it up on Google, and you will be reminded that in January 2020, the US assassinated Qasem Soleimani. It was supposed to be the evidence that Donald Trump was the mad titan, drawing the US into war with Iran. But in Spring 2021, Iran launched multiple airstrikes against US targets in Iraq, and nobody paid much attention. These Iranian drone attacks are a way of testing the Biden administration’s resolve against Iran’s proxy warfare doctrine. News agencies reported the information but let the information disappear into the ether. There was nothing to see here.

Iranian Entities Bomb al-Asad Air Base 2021

Lately, the government has been ignoring foreign threats against US entities to keep an illusion of calm and control. But in Iraq, explosive-laden Iranian drones attacked al-Asad Air Base and Irbil Airport on April 14, May 8, and May 24. On top of that, there have been rocket attacks against US facilities in Iraq as well.

Rockets are easy. Katyusha rockets are common weapons for Shia militias because they are not complex weapons. But the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that Shia militias described over Telegram a “phalanx” of drones in the May 8 attack. This “phalanx” indicates a swarm of kamikaze drones.

Drone swarms are far more sophisticated than a WWII-era Soviet rocket fired blindly by militiamen. Was it hundreds of drones loitering at high altitudes and launching a coordinated attack? Likely not. But first-rate militaries have been researching drone swarms as low-cost weapons.

It is no coincidence that Israeli Defense Forces reported Hamas has been using similar drone swarms against targets in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu even accused Iran of transshipping explosive drones through Iraq and Syria. Iran has been caught doing this before with other weapons.

Hamas with Iranian attack drone
Hamas militants pose with man-portable surface-to-air missiles and a UAV. The Associated Press did not take this photo, even though they were colocated with Hamas until May 2021.

Iran’s Insurgency

Iran has a habit of using its proxies, the Houthis, Iraqi Shia militias, and Hamas, to test out low-cost tech against Iran’s enemies. Everything changed when General Qassem Soleimani led the Quds (or Qods) Force to support the Iraqi Shia militias during the Iraq War. His forces perfected the Explosively Formed Penetrators that destroyed armored vehicles.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy is famous for harassing US Navy and Coast Guard vessels in the Strait of Hormuz. They harassed my ship back in 2007, and they continue it today. Occasionally the boat operators become bold enough to warrant warning shots. These warning shots make the news. Drone attacks against US assets do not make the news.

Test launch of Iranian attack drones
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tests explosive drones in January 2021.

Biden’s Foreign Policy Bait and Switch

Biden is attempting to be a mix of Clinton-era calm and Obama-era progressive globalism. So as he announced his intention of bringing Iran back to the negotiating table as a means of bringing peace to the Middle East, he also authorized airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia targets in Syria in February 2021. It was like offering an olive branch to our enemy with the right hand while shooting at him with a gun in our left hand.

Since January, our adversaries have been testing the waters to see the strength of Biden’s resolve. Unfortunately, this administration is busy distracting the American public with nonsense. Maternity flight suits, cartoons of LGBTQABCDEFG+ Army recruitment videos, white supremacist boogeymen within our ranks, and ensuring service members sign the muster sheets for Critical Race Theory training events take precedence.

Russian cybercriminals have targeted US infrastructure twice now, but according to the White House, that is a private sector issue. China is inching closer to a reconquest of Taiwan, which is sure to ignite a regional war. Almost immediately after Biden reauthorized funds to Palestine, Hamas initiated a new rocket campaign. And Iran is back to bombing US forces, but that is not worth the headlines.

There is chaos outside our doorstep, and we are subject to a bait-and-switch to keep the illusion of calm. When the Biden administration keeps ignoring attacks and threats against our allies, our foreign-based assets, and even our homeland infrastructure, the consequences will be severe.


Featured photo: screenshot

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