US Forces Expelled After Syrian Rebels Refuse to Fight with Them

By Faye Higbee

The war in Syria is getting more confusing by the minute, as US backed rebel forces – the Free Syrian Army- allegedly forced a small number of US Forces out of Al-Rai on Friday. In a video, you can hear them shouting that they refused to fight alongside the United States, and calling them “pigs,” “crusaders,” and “infidels.”

Reuters reported,

A small number of U.S. forces entered the Syrian town of al-Rai near the Turkish border on Friday as part of operations to coordinate air strikes against Islamic State, a senior rebel source said.

However, the five or six U.S. military personnel were then forced to withdraw towards the Turkish border after Syrian rebels protested against their presence in the town, the source said.

A monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, also reported the incident and said the U.S. forces had left al-Rai but were still on Syrian soil.


syrian rebels

Screenshot from video showing US forces leaving al-Rai

The “protests” included threats of slaughter, and serious name-calling.

ZeroHedge reported,

“Dogs, agents of America,” one man can be heard to say in Arabic, while others chant “They are crusaders and infidels”, “Down with America”, “‘Get out you pigs” and “They are coming to Syria to occupy it.”

Did they run or  leave to make a point?

So this is a problem in more ways than one. Some media have reported that these men were “running from the FSA.” They were there to embed with the Free Syrian Army – but these rebels didn’t have their backs.

It’s the problem of this administration making friends with our enemies when they haven’t made friends with us.