US Embassy in Baghdad Targeted by Rockets

Faye Higbee
us embassy in baghdad

The US Embassy in Baghdad was targeted by at least four rockets on Thursday. Three of them hit within the “perimeter”of the Embassy grounds, while the other struck a nearby school. A woman and a child were injured in the attack. The C-RAM missile defense system was activated to take down the rockets.

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“The U.S. Embassy compound was attacked this evening by terrorist groups attempting to undermine Iraq’s security, sovereignty and international relations. We have long said that these sorts of reprehensible attacks are an assault not just on diplomatic facilities, but on the sovereignty of Iraq itself.”

US Embassy Iraq

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated that they were “still assessing the damage, and “still assessing the health and safety of our people.”

The “jury’s out” on who conducted the attacks against the US Embassy in Baghdad, as no one claimed responsibility. Iraqi Hezbollah has denied any involvement, and accused the UAE and UK of the rocket attacks. The rockets reportedly came from the Dora neighborhood south of Baghdad. Following the attack on the Green Zone, the office of the Iraqi Parliamentary speaker was also targeted. The number of rocket attacks has sharply increased this year.

The Green Zone is “heavily fortified,”and contains the C-RAM missile defenses. So far, the uptick in rocket attacks has not caused any US casualties.


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